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Onwards and sideways...

Posted by Aph3x, 16 March 2008 · 199 views

Well in the few moments of snatched hackage between kid feeds & work, I recently got a new laptop which should help get more stuff done. Unfortunately though, it's got Vista on it which is the biggest pile of shoite I've seen in a long time. I even had trouble opening pdf files due to non-existant licensing issues FFS :(

Anyways, got VS2008 installed (my 2003 edition is unsupported on Vista of course - 'please upgrade'!) and building C2 (very slowly I might add!)

Currently having to meddle with the Walrus set-up after fixing the Manta dynamics - bouncy capsizing problems ahoy in rough water. I had hoped to find a single config that worked for all vehicles, but ended up having to use a number of per-vehicle coeffs in there :-/
Starting to feel nice and 'physical' now though :)

LOL i like the idea of capzising.. makes the game more chalanging.. have to keep the bow pointed in to the saves ;)

and bad weather makes beach invasions hard!

glad to here you still have a bit of time to do some codeing :)
Rough water? Way cool. This project is sounding better and better every post!
Yeah devil - slowly getting back into it now kiddy2 is settling into life. Would be annoying to capsize too often though eh? ;)

The water height is procedurally generated, but unfortunately it's quite slow & rough at the moment (no optimisation whatsoever, and then just bung the vertices to the gfx card). Need to look at FFT stuff I believe (argh more scary maffs).

Version 1 will probably just have flat water, to keep the work down (again).
how is the effects of rolling waves going to affect turret based weapons on the carrier and walrus? I'm sure this was covered in a post from the old forum, but I can't remember...

I'm a little late with this, but: grats on the little kiddie! :D
I noticed you've had to update your compiler for working on Vista. I found this link. I haven't tried it but you can use Visual C++ 2003 on vista without problems. http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vs2005/bb188244.aspx#question15
Hmm nice link there. Shame they don't even *mention* the way it crashes when you do a 'find in files' (fixed by turning off Vista themes for the app!)

Ta Steve :)
Aiming is rather a lot harder when wavy...

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