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Posted by , 23 July 2008 · 769 views

Just finished the mother-of-all-changes to the source code – a solid two weeks of hackage to some code that’s been in there right from the beginning!

Basically, the old island structure class wasn’t up to what I required, so it’s been ripped out & replaced with the concept of a ‘structure cell’. These replace the old single structure, providing a generic mounting point for a small complex of structures and objects all working towards a single purpose. Damaging any ‘working object’ in the cell will reduce the efficiency of the cell’s work (e.g. object production / raw material extraction). Also makes the islands look better as well as being more flexible for procedural sub-structure and related object placement.

Structures with a view:

Manta employing the new bomblet pod:

Now I'm off for my summer hols after that hackage workout - cya in a few weeks :P
P.S. Hope you notice the todo list up there is actually shrinking... :)

Orca hmmm... Jaws!

lol I did actually think of Manatee but then realised it's sum contribution to the animal kingdom was sunbathing and getting hit by boats ;)

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