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Building the Heavens...

Posted by , in Dominium 08 August 2014 · 686 views

celestial star planet opengl glsl shader render effects lensflare
Building the Heavens... An excerpt from my latest blog post...

Work has progressed this week on the Celestial Body rendering – I’ve resolved the issues reported in the last post and largely wrapped it up for now. I’ve also obtained a few more high res textures to use as placeholders to extend the visual variety as I hop around the galaxy. I’ve added some renders to the mediasection over the weekend.
But – the biggest ‘wow’ this week happened when I replaced the existing Star renderer with the Celestial Body, and then applied a new texture for the stars surface. It had long been on the ‘todo’ list to sort out the existing plain/dull texture, and I knew the lens-flare system would make it look a bit ‘special’ when I got around to it … but it’s been a while since I genuinely surprised myself without doing any code to make it happen Posted Image Anyway… enjoy the video!

You can read the full entry here if you're interested...

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