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Just Glad to Be Here

Contractor Blues!

Posted by rmadsen, 21 November 2011 · 395 views
Game Development and 2 more...
I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly it’s because I’ve been so busy working. Terrible problem…too much work!

As an independent developer, I depend on contract work to make an income. That means that I spend a lot of time working on other people’s stuff. Not that I’m complaining. I enjoy the work. It is challenging and still...

Indie by Default - Part III

Posted by rmadsen, 29 July 2011 · 565 views
Game development, game studio and 1 more...
Moving forward

I am a great believer in the Bible, that is, the Game Design Document. Although the urge as a programmer is to get coding as soon as possible, I know the benefit of a good design document from experience. Without it, your ideas get fuzzy and you end up doing a lot of programming that is wasted on fleeting ideas.

So, my first ...

Indie by Default - Part II

Posted by rmadsen, 04 June 2011 · 844 views

The new era of indie games

I remember a time about as eight years ago when I was first researching the game industry. The general consensus at that time was that the days of the small “garage” team game developer was over. Games now cost millions of dollars to produce and thousands of man hours. Furthermore, specialization was the norm. Not...

Indie by Default - Part I

Posted by rmadsen, 08 March 2011 · 705 views

It's been a while since my last post. Part of the reason is becuase life has been a little chaotic since then! Unfortunately, I was laid off from my previous studio, and since then I've been working at starting an independent studio. The way I see it, going indie is the only choice I have right now if I want to keep making games. In other...

Going Indy

Posted by rmadsen, 06 December 2010 · 474 views

So you want to go Indy?

I see a lot of posts on forums that look something like this:

I want to break into the game industry, but I really don't want to waste my time going to school or anything. I've got this great idea for a game and I know it will be the greatest. I'm thinking I'll just skip the whole job thing and just start my own game company....

All Roads Lead...

Posted by rmadsen, 12 October 2010 · 304 views

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted to my blog, and of course, a lot has happened. I have moved on to "greener pastures" after begin laid off, yet I am still going strong. Stay tuned here for my current venture. Until then, let's continue my topic on how to break into the game industry.

In my last blog ("Let's Make a Deal"), I talked...

Let's Make a Deal!

Posted by rmadsen, 19 July 2010 · 348 views

You probably don't remember watching the game show Let's Make a Deal as host, Monty Hall, asked the proverbial question: "Is it behind door number 1, door number 2, or door number 3?" Picking the correct door meant winning the grand prize. Picking the wrong door meant, well, not winning the grand prize.

Although finding a job in the game industry is not a...

Anatomy of a Game College

Posted by rmadsen, 23 June 2010 · 556 views

Continuing on with my thread about game education, I would like to share my thoughts about a particular program that I am very familiar with because my son attended there. This post is not designed to either endorse or criticize the program at Full Sail. Although I am very pleased with the education that my son received their (and he is, too), any...

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