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Ep's tool-dev diary


Posted by eppo, 24 October 2015 · 1,022 views
clouds, radiosity, skybox, IBL

Something I've vowed several times I'd never do again: hand-paint a skybox .

The outdoor cloud-ish type specifically:


Painting clouds is all fun and fulfilling, until you need to fill out a full 360 degree view with dozens of them.

I preferred to draw a cloud scene as a spherical environment map;...

A billion chimneys and more CSG fun

Posted by eppo, 21 March 2015 · 745 views

The thing with architecture is that so much about it is up to whim and any procedural creation algorithm needs to be guided by a large amount of rules and grammars before it'll know how to churn out any remotely useable pieces of real-estate.

I got to the point where I could generate objects similar to these: http://www.dynamique.nl/grow/pst/render024_sy...

The Feature-fracturing algorithm

Posted by eppo, 20 January 2015 · 807 views

Time for yet another rewrite of my CSG tool.
Instead of going down the iso-surfacing road like earlier attempts, I now take a more boolean-like approach. This in the sense that I no longer convert the input geometry into an intermediate distance field, but keep it in its original b-rep form throughout the merging process. The advantage being that it suffe...

B-rep displacement mapping

Posted by eppo, 20 January 2015 · 457 views
height map, displacement mapping and 2 more...
In an earlier post I was considering how to add surface detail to meshes generated by the boolean tool. Back then I ran a union operation on a base mesh and a series of smaller objects replicated over its surface, but it's difficult to create a believable, continuous looking surface simply by glueing multiple rigid objects together without any obvious cr...

A vertex occlusion baking guide

Posted by eppo, 26 November 2014 · 1,873 views


Finally got around to add an ambient occlusion baker to the pipeline.

I'm baking it all to vertex maps, as these give generally good results and avoid the hassle and memory demands of having to assign unique texture space to every triangle in a mesh. Meaning I could no longer use the render-to-texture-only routines provided by Modo. Also, lots of...


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