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Journal of eppo

Multi-texturing + Yoshi's Island

Posted by eppo, 05 July 2014 · 243 views


Modo's 'shader tree':


It's a peculiar thing at first: instead of creating explicit materials, you add shading components (textures etc.) to a single hierarchy. Polygons are then assigned tags which correspond to masking-groups (a sort of polygon-'gateway') located in the tree. During shading...

Mesher ~ another iteration

Posted by eppo, 22 April 2014 · 484 views
isosurfaces, contouring, FEM
Felt my meshing tool needed another rewrite; getting trickier though.

The idea behind the tool is to construct a mesh using smaller simpler building blocks; kind of like a purely additive CSG modeller. I started out with a Marching Cubes implementation, but I really wanted it to be able to capture sharp edges in the base geometry. Also the triangle quali...

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