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7 games in 7 days, day 4 finished

Posted by ManTis, in 7games7days, Ludum Dare, Programming 06 December 2012 · 900 views

ld48 ludumdare programming 7games7days
7 games in 7 days, day 4 finished Well, this was another long night. First of all, I decided that the racing game will be inspired by Crazy Taxi/Quarantine. You'll be riding around a procedurally created city, with a VW Beatle taxi, picking up people and taking them to wherever they want.

So, at first I decided to learn 3D modelling with Blender, and woo, after some (well, considerable amount of) time, I got this far:

Posted Image

Well, once I got that far, I hardly could stop, now could I? After couple 2D games I have decided to finally test 3D, as there is a chance I'll be doing 3D stuff for the Ludum Dare. So, I have spent the better part of the rest of the night trying to get car to properly work, but it's been rolling every time I turn. After browsing the nets (I have never actually done car code myself), I found out that it needed roll bars, and suddenly it was working, sure, a bit jerky, but working.

It was bit late though, so I haven't added any gameplay, but I do enjoy riding around the city. Damn, I love procedural worlds. To be honest, I could spend couple more hours working on it. Hell, I could spend couple more months improving on the city and the ride. I really feel like writing a game based on that. For the purpose of the warm up week, I call it done: I have done some basic work with Blender, some procedural cities (really basic, but still), and set up car physics for driving in 3D. But for now, it's 4am, and I have lots of work to do, and have to grab a bit of sleep.

So, here's the city. You can drive around it for a bit, but there's nothing to be seen.

State of the list is as follows:
- Shoot'em'up - done
- Platformer - done
- Puzzle game - done
- Racing game - done
- Dungeon Crawler
- Adventure game
- Strategy game

Next up, either Dungeon Crawler or Adventure game. I'll be really having a busy day (and by the time I'm writing THIS part, it's 4:40), so I need to pick the one that'll take less time, to leave the longer one for weekend. I think I'll go with single-room adventure or somesuch.

That's about it for today. Nighty night!

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