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IfThen Software

Newsletter issue #4

Posted by Michael Grand, 14 October 2008 · 79 views


We have merged the Stick Adventures Online forum (which used to be on invisionfree.com) with our main IfThen Software board at http://www.ifthensoftware.net/forums/. The forums have also been given a new festive theme.

Ace, a member of our community and SAO moderation team, has released an IRC channel where you can read the current in-game...

Newsletter issue #3

Posted by Michael Grand, 07 October 2008 · 73 views


The formula used to calculate the overall percentage shown on the progress page (http://www.ifthensof...nline/progress/) has been upgraded. It now takes into account how long each feature might take/did take to finish. This way a feature that was finished in 3 minutes will no longer affect the overall progress by the same amount...

Newsletter issue #2

Posted by Michael Grand, 30 September 2008 · 80 views


We have reached 85% overall progress from 46% last week. This is where things will start going slowly though, so don't expect us to get that much done every week.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

Last week I got to fix several bugs with the player inventory system, and was reminded just how ugly that code is. Once the Preview is...

New Format

Posted by Michael Grand, 22 September 2008 · 89 views

I have decided to make these journal entries into something of a weekly newsletter. Each week we will release an "issue" that gives the latest news, an article from the programmer where he gives his thoughts and opinions on things that have happened during the previous week, and an article from the testing team about how that week's demo...

Returning to the Mothership

Posted by Michael Grand, 22 August 2008 · 85 views

One completely re-written server and a lot of headaches later, SAO v1.1.6 has been released and I should be starting work on Loradon 3.0 again today. Looks like those "couple days" turned into a month.

I started working on line-intersect collision to replace the rect-intersect collision, but that was turning into more of a project then I wanted...

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