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Areum Pre-alpha v0.0.0.286

Posted by Michael Grand, 05 February 2013 · 476 views

Areum Pre-alpha v0.0.0.286 Download: Areum Pre-alpha v0.0.0.286

The leveling system is finished! At least for phase 1.

When you gain enough experience, your character levels up. Leveling up will increase your stats, so killing the goblins should be a bit easier after a level or two. I also added in an armor stat, which completely blocks damage point for point. Your stats are now displayed in the user interface so that you can track them easier.

We have an online chatroom where you can usually find myself and other developers, as well as other players: http://irc.ifthensoftware.net
We also have a Facebook page over at http://www.facebook.com/ifthensoftware
I have a Twitter account for development updates, which you can view here: http://twitter.com/ITS_Invisible
We also have an IndieDB page for Areum:
Posted Image
And finally, we have a devlog on TIGSource as well: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=31227.0

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