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Hyperdrive: It'll be done when it's done(tm)!

Posted by mikeman, 19 September 2013 · 783 views

Wow...I checked my journal entries yesterday, and realized my last one was in May! I guess that, to an outsider, progress for Hyperdrive, the futuristic racing game me and another gamedev member, code_zombie, are making would seem kind of slow. However, it is not so: we have kept working on it this whole time, but since till now I do most of the coding work, and also have to juggle a day job and my final semesters for my CS degree, it's just delayed a bit. We are pretty sure though that we will launch it properly around january at the latest. Most of the "game" part is there, and the World Editor has now enough features to allow me to easily make new levels. Now it's just a matter of designing some good racetracks and balance things like vehicles,upgrades and weapons.

I was also pleasantly suprised a couple of weeks ago, when I found on the ouya forum a thread about our game, which contained mostly positive comments. Now I don't know what future the OUYA really will have(there have been some interesting things going on lately, like Telltale's "Walking Dead" series officially coming to it), but it's surely nice to see at least some people interesting in what we're making.

Here's the thread:

Anyway, I won't go on with more details, as I've talked about the game mechanics in previous entries, I'll just leave you with 2 gameplay videos showcasing 2 different tracks. And I'll probably update this journal before another 4 months pass(I hope!).

Looks awesome

Looks awesome




Also, nice work getting that done between full time work and study!



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