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Robot University -- a 2D DirectX Puzzle

Hexadecagon Maze Day 10

Posted by puz, 15 September 2014 · 289 views
Hexadecagon, 88 Maze and 5 more...
Day 10

In the past few days I added the ability to print. I tested with only one printer so it would be nice if you (a GameDev member) can tell me if it worked with your printer. I will leave a copy of a beta version here for a few weeks:

http://members.gamedev.net/puz/88maze101.zip (75KB)

If you have Windows 7 or 8.1, program should just run. If y...

Hexadecagon Maze Day 9

Posted by puz, 10 September 2014 · 242 views
Hexadecagon, Maze, Visual Studio and 3 more...
Day 9

In the past 3 days, I added the ability to save the maze image to a bitmap file. Previously I used 96 DPI, which seems to be Windows' default, but this time I realized I can specify any DPI I want to in a bitmap file, so I picked 150 DPI because I thought it was a good compromise between resolution and file size. Then I decided to make the print...

Hexadecagon Maze Day 8

Posted by puz, 06 September 2014 · 653 views
Hexadecagon, Maze, Visual Studio and 3 more...
Day 8

I have not reported for about a week. I was spending all of my time refactoring, breaking, and fixing the code. That's why there were no visible progresses to report. But after that, I added the ability to find the solution. Figure 16 is a sample without the solution.

Figure (16)

If you have t...

Hexadecagon Maze Day 7

Posted by puz, 28 August 2014 · 271 views
Hexadecagon, Maze, Visual Studio and 3 more...
Day 7

Today I mixed GDI+ with MFC so that I can antialias my lines. Here are the before and after pictures:

http://members.gamedev.net/puz/no_antialias02.png http://members.gamedev.net/puz/antialias02.png

I see an improvement in quality. I probably should revisit my old mazes and add antialiasing. Like this one .

Hexadecagon Maze Day 6

Posted by puz, 27 August 2014 · 268 views

Day 6

I didn't do any programming.

Hexadecagon Maze Day 5

Posted by puz, 26 August 2014 · 263 views
Hexadecagon, Maze, Visual Studio and 2 more...
Day 5

I decided to make the center of the hexadecagons prohibited regions. The result is Figure (13).


The maze looks a little like another maze I wrote last year called Beads Maze but at least, it looks a little better than what I got yesterday in Figure (12).

Hexadecagon Maze Day 4

Posted by puz, 25 August 2014 · 263 views

Day 4

Today I spent most of my time refactoring. But I also wrote new code at the last minute. Figure (12) is my initial attempt at maze generation.

http://members.gamedev.net/puz/maze_03.png http://members.gamedev.net/puz/hdmcap02.png

Admittedly, Figure (12) doesn't look as good as when all the walls were in, like Figure (7). I need to think of a...

Hexadecagon Maze Day 3

Posted by puz, 24 August 2014 · 235 views
Hexadecagon, Maze, Visual Studio and 2 more...
Day 3

Today I wrote code to remove walls. The buttons 3, 2, 1, 0 you see on the toolbar move the blue dot in one of 4 directions, and is used for testing. When the blue dot, which denotes the current position, moves from one cell to another, the wall that separates those two adjacent cells is removed.


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