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Robot University -- a 2D DirectX Puzzle

Added Hint

Posted by puz, 09 October 2011 · 200 views

In "20 Hops" version 1.04 I added hints and the option to enable it. With this, most players should be able to finish the puzzle. I think the amount of hint strikes a good balance between being too difficult and giving away the answer. But I could be wrong. I hope somebody gives me feedback. :wink:...

My idea was not original

Posted by puz, 05 October 2011 · 373 views

:( I made a sad discovery that what I thought was my original idea in the "20 Hops" game has been done before. In fact, as far as 7 years ago (or 11 years ago?), TANSTAAFL developed "Kight's Challenge" and put it on Game Development Showcase. His game comes with nice graphics, animation, sound effects, and a bigger board. So, moving...

Fixed the access privilege issue.

Posted by puz, 02 October 2011 · 238 views

I fixed my highest priority issue.

By specifying the minimum SDK version in the Android project manifest, I was able to get rid of the "Do you want to install this application? ... read phone state and identity." message that pops up during installation.

The new version is...

My first .apk

Posted by puz, 02 October 2011 · 330 views

In the spirit of release early, release often, I created my first .apk (Android Application Package) and uploaded to

I'm still don't understand the purpose of self-signing (as opposed to signing by a certificate authority) but I'm...

Rule done.

Posted by puz, 01 October 2011 · 192 views

The rule is in place.
The next step is to implement undo.

Posted Image

Crude skeleton in place.

Posted by puz, 30 September 2011 · 100 views

A crude skeleton of my first Android game is in place;
I can click the tiles on the screen and change their colors.
The next step is to put in some rules.

Posted Image

Example works, but...

Posted by puz, 28 September 2011 · 173 views

Yesterday decided to update Eclipse and Android SDK. Something went wrong and compiler stopped working on known-good projects. After wasting much time searching the web for solutions and trying various things to fix this issue, finally got it to work again by uninstalling and re-installing Android Development Tools. The unfortunate realty of software...

Decided to learn Android

Posted by puz, 19 September 2011 · 132 views

Decided to learn Java and Android programming. Better late than never. Currently reading chapter 4 of Hello Android by Ed Burnette. I like the physically thick pages and minimalistic content. Doing the example was fun and easy up to chapter 3 because I could type in a few lines, compile, run, and verify my work. But from chapter 4, example requires a lot of...

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