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Robot University -- a 2D DirectX Puzzle

Updated my game on GD showcase

Posted by puz, 16 September 2011 · 144 views

Have been away for over a year. One of the reasons was that I couldn't figure out how to update my game on GD Showcase no matter how hard I tried and thought GD Showcase was permanently non-functional. But today when I tried using IE 9, it successfully updated :D , so I'm a happy camper. If you have time, please download RobotUniversity v 2.02 from...

Hint pages

Posted by puz, 05 February 2010 · 171 views

Following Silent Dragon's suggestion, I added the ability to turn off music.

I'm currently writing web-based hint pages. I wonder if users will hesitate to press a button that will launch a default browser and jump to a hint page on my web site because of security concerns. Of course, I will never transmit any personal information from the user's PC...

I need a better way to implement FSM.

Posted by puz, 10 January 2010 · 141 views

I uploaded version 1.12, which fixed the bug in which the timer continued to count down after user finished last level. The fix itself was pretty straightforward but finding the location took long. The program is structured as an FSM (finite-state-machine) driven by a switch statement residing in DirectX framework's FrameMove() function. However, the state...


Posted by puz, 29 December 2009 · 84 views

For music I used a royalty-free loop composer software. Version 1.11 added a credit screen as required by the agreement.


Posted by puz, 05 December 2009 · 120 views

It's been a while since I updated my program in GD showcase. Today I finally released v1.09. I wrote six new levels and deleted one. This concludes my level writing. It took much longer than I thought, and at some point, it almost felt like I would never finish writing this game. Although there are a few loose ends, I feel much better now about the...

A bug story

Posted by puz, 14 November 2009 · 129 views

Hi. It's been a while since I updated my journal. In a project not related to game programming, I just resolved a nasty bug I've been tackling for close to two weeks. Once every several million transactions, data got corrupted because two processes, one belonging to the main thread, and the other belonging to an event driven ISR (interrupt service...

Dirty code

Posted by puz, 22 September 2009 · 108 views

V 1.07 moved level 7.6 to 8.1 and added 3 more levels.
I wrote the 3 new game levels by doing a cut-n-paste of functions and editing parts of the function that make them behave differently. Perhaps this is considered a bad programming practice compared to say, writing a common function and passing different parameters or make everything table-driven. But my...

Aha level

Posted by puz, 07 September 2009 · 109 views

In v 1.06 I added a level that requires flexibility in thinking. This level (level 76) is difficult to solve unless the player discovers a certain secret. The moment the player realizes this secret will be an "Aha" moment and the rest of the operations should be pretty straightforward but the previous several levels serve as misdirection, making most people...

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