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Gnoblins - Development journal of an indie game

Finally, a simple filebased database with an easy way to add a front-end

Posted by Ashaman73, 02 February 2012 · 1,187 views
OpenOffice Database
Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. I'm looking for a simple data base solution for my game since two years now. My requirements were
- simple setup
- file based (no real database)
- write custom export scripts
- able to build a simple front-end
- no $$$
I simply didn't found a solution.

I'm a senior software...

Suspension of disbelief

Posted by Ashaman73, 29 September 2011 · 511 views

Suspension of disbelief is always an interesting topic, I always catch myself trying to explain everything in my game world, a bad and not always necessary habit :wink:

So, what is suspension of disbelief in games ? In my own words, suspension of disbelief is the ability of a gamer to accept something unrealistic or unbelievable in a game world and still...

Rant: We need more style !

Posted by Ashaman73, 13 April 2011 · 334 views

Well, I will present just a little rant about visual styles in games. Here's a small background about why I'm talking about visual styles in game, feel free to skip it. I'm no artist, just a coder, but I'm trying to create a non-casual game 3d game which is not so far from completion. To be honest, managing my own game time as resource is...

Adding loading/saving on-the-fly...hmm..not really

Posted by Ashaman73, 26 October 2010 · 239 views

There're always topics you are aware of, but which you are ignoring most of the time until it is too late. You will thought of it as some minor feature which could be added later. Well, this could be a bad idea.

I trapped myself with one of this minor feature: loading/saving
Yes, it sounds simple. After more than 10 years of developing an engine/game...

Still alive..

Posted by Ashaman73, 05 July 2010 · 235 views

I'm quite happy with the progress of dungeon fortress sofar. In the last weeks we have concentrated on the rpg part of the game and I would say that we reached a pre-alpha stage. Nevertheless, there's still lot of work in the rpg part mainly content, although content in a rpg is a never ending story.

Aside from this I bought a new ATI video card to do...

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