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Gnoblins - Development journal of an indie game

The month of the "player"

Posted by Ashaman73, 01 February 2010 · 157 views

Well, my development process is a classic iterative approach where I improve a certain part of the game for a few week until I go on to the next part.

January was the month of the "npc behaviour", I have implemented some improvements with which I'm quite happy about. So far, my dungeon dwellers are bred from nests and explore their surroundings. When...

Pathfinding: hunting

Posted by Ashaman73, 25 January 2010 · 328 views

I'm still playing around with the AI. This weekend I got an issue with pathfinding: How to let a hunter follow its prey without recalculating a navigation path frequently ?

Well, I think I got it. My assumption is, that the hunter is able to follow the prey step by step. With that assumption I can create a path by tracking the movement of the prey, because...

AI System Overview

Posted by Ashaman73, 20 January 2010 · 537 views

This week I'm working at the AI system. So it seems to be the right moment to talk about the implementation of the AI system in dungeon fortress. I hope that it willserve as an little inspiration to other hobby game developers.

Well, I'm not an expert in AI and several things are quite new (in relation to 11 years of development), but I've learnt a lot...

Hello World

Posted by Ashaman73, 11 January 2010 · 323 views

I want to say hello world to the gamedev community. I'm a german based hobby developer and in my first journal entry I want to introduce my game based on my game engine. But first a little screenshot to show off the current state of development.

The game engine, as a hobby project, is in development since late 1998. After several attempts to team up...

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