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New ingame video of gnoblins.

Posted by Ashaman73, 25 September 2012 · 874 views

Here's a new ingame video of the current development version of gnoblins:

Here are some of the changes of the last weeks (repost from indiedb):

For one we have decided to make a shift from the player character to the gnoblins. Instead of having a class or skill system for the player character, we made the importance of the gnoblins more prominent. The gnoblins have a class system now, which is based on specialization. A new gnoblin will always join your purpose as worker, but the player can specialize each gnoblin into one of the major classes later, which are crafter, warrior or scholar. Later on your gnoblins will be able to specialize further into mages, alchemists, beastmasters, scouts, engineers, and smiths. Each class will have unique tasks and abilities.

An other important change is the new mood system. Each gnoblin have a mood which effects his performance and his will to specialize. The mood of the gnoblins is directly connected to the work load and the dungeon comfort level. You need to make your dungeon more attractive and comfortable to make your gnoblins happy.

On the player side we have improved the traveling system. The dungeons are quite large and you would need some time to travel through them, therefore we have implemented a sprint mode for short distances and have added stones of teleportation in the dungeons for fast traveling over larger distances.

That game seems to be so fun! Great job.
Turning out to be a good project. I think focus on the goblins as a primary role is key... much better strategy and I think it will make for a more rewarding experience.
Interesting game. Ashaman73, are you working on your own on this project ? As I can see from the Rat-creature blog entry, you are even doing the art yourself ?