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The SpaceGame in 3d!

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 20 April 2013 - - - - - - · 759 views

The SpaceGame in 3d! I have decided to convert my game RymdspeletHD (translation: The Space Game HD) to 3d. I suppose that the new title will be something like RymdspeletHD 3d Deluxe Edition.My idea with this conversion is that it might be a project that I may actually finish, instead of trying to make yet another full blown rpg or an epic freespace clone. I am using my home...

Unnamed Space Shooter, with screen-shots!

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 23 June 2011 - - - - - - · 572 views
unity, space shooter
Here are a couple of screen-shots from a Freespace like space shooter that I have been developing for the last six months. I am using Unity3d and C# to create the game. There is only one mission in the game at the movement but most of the features that I want are already there like complex objectives, including but not limited to destroy a specific group,...

A couple of hours with Unity

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 04 February 2011 - - - - - - · 867 views

I downloaded and I have now spent a couple of hours playing around with it, most of which was spent building the light maps. The result is a medieval city scene viewed from a top down perspective and a character that goes where you click. The camera can be moved be moving the cursor to the corners of the screen and there is also a monster that will try to...

Final version of RymdspeletHD released!

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 21 January 2011 - - - - - - · 475 views

I have just uploaded the final version of my epic space shooter RymdspeletHD, enjoy!

Direct download

I made a particle editor

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 14 January 2011 - - - - - - · 638 views

The title says it all, I made a particle editor for my current game project and it works well enough for the moment. It has most of the features that I need like adding / removing emitters and affectors, combining different particle systems and loading in meshes and attaching the system to a tagpoint to get a hint of how it will look ingame. It is written...


Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 09 August 2010 - - - - - - · 394 views

I have created some tools to create roads that follow the landscape nicely. I just define a set of points for the road, create a spline and make a couple of triangles along it and match the height of each vertex to the terrain. It works great so long as the terrain is flat ... I will have to figure out a better way to match the height, maybe flattening the...

Paint, items and conversations

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 06 August 2010 - - - - - - · 295 views

The terrain base color map has become much more important now that the detail textures are gray-scale so I decided to make a painting mode in the editor for the color map. It consists of a color picker and an rgb value representation. It is also possible to right click on the terrain to use the color under the mouse cursor. The color picker is just a...

Multi-colored characters

Posted by Johan Gustafsson, 29 July 2010 - - - - - - · 274 views

I just branched my standard shader into a special character shader that allows three areas to have different colors per mesh instance - skin, hair and eye color.

I have also modified the terrain shader to use gray-scale detail textures instead of color textures. This makes it possible to combine four detail textures into one texture, one for each...

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