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Wilhelm's Journal

Strife: Character screens and persistance

Posted by Wilhelm van Huyssteen, in Strife 25 November 2012 · 734 views
Strife, Legends of Strife, MMORPG and 1 more...

I have finally decided what I want to call this game. Well... I called it Strife from the start and I'll continue calling it Strife when referring to it but up to now it lacked a full name. Which is now 'Legends of Strife'!

Now onto more useful things...

I've done a lot of back end server and database work to extend what I had...

Strife: Loot and Inventory

Posted by Wilhelm van Huyssteen, in Strife 11 November 2012 · 927 views
Strife, MMORPG, Distant Melody

Implemented the basic inventory system. The UI still needs a couple of small additions but the essentials are there.

Player inventory is fully managed by the server, for example: when a player kills a creature the server sends a list of item id's to the client that the client will display to the player. When the player then clicks on a loot icon th...

Strife: Questing and Creature Hostility

Posted by Wilhelm van Huyssteen, in Strife 04 November 2012 · 850 views
Strife, MMORPG, Distant Melody

My first child was born last week Tuesday (A healthy boy at 3.7 kg named Ryan). But inbetween changing nappies and supporting my wife I managed to get a good amount of work done (and with work I mean writing Strife seeing as I'm on paternity leave from real work ^^).

As usual I have a video and a list of changes. Most of my time since my last post w...

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