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Strife: Dual Wielding One Handed Weapons

Posted by Wilhelm van Huyssteen, in Strife 10 March 2013 · 940 views

Strife Legends of Strife MMORPG Distant Melody
Legends of Strife

Added one handed weapons + dual wielding. Different weapon types have different attack animations. If you have two different types of weapons equipped (for example an axe and a dagger) They will each use their own attack animation. When dual wielding the server manages a players two "arms" separately with separate cooldowns and attack speeds. the offhand weapon has a 30% attack speed penalty. When the one "arm" is ready to attack at the same time (or close to) the other "arm" the server will make the one wait a bit but it will make that "arms" next attack come quicker to make up for it.

A video and some screenshots.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Oh no the turtle!


Nice progress, keep it up!

Thnx! will do ^^

Will you share the skeleton across different characters or will each one use a different one? Otherwise it would be hard to make the fingers wrap around the weapons exactly for each character. What modelling software do you use?

Hi. each character model uses its own skeleton. I wont need allot of character models though since the model is so customizable (armour, weapons, hair and maybe later face too)


The models are created in blender.

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