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Strife: Npc Behavior

Posted by , in Strife 30 September 2013 · 767 views

Strife Legends of Strife MMORPG Distant Meldody
Legends of Strife
  • Implemented a flexible npc behaviour system that can be used to define reusable behaviour components. Multiple behaviour components can be given to one npc.
  • expanded quest system to also allow for custom quest specific objective types (As opposed to just the generic kill X of creature or collect X).
  • Added spell Bone Cage: Bones pierce out of the ground and encase the target immobilizing it for 4 seconds. Necromancers gain Bone Cage on level 3.
  • Added a rudimentary background to speech bubbles.
  • Implemented inanimate entities. (Non moving interactable and/or lootable objects for example chests, herbs).
Here's a video of an escort quest that demonstrates most of the progress made.

Here's a video demonstrating inanimate entities

I've taken the online test server offline for now. I got some valuable feedback from it but for the time being I want to fully focus on development again.

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