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True, False, Maybe

The New Theme -- following up.

Posted by frob, in Site Related 15 January 2011 · 320 views

I've gone through the rest of the items that I care about, and adjusted them.I've also only tested this on Chrome. Why? Because I made it for me, not really for the public. I'm throwing it out there for the world in the hopes that somebody else might find it useful, too. And because a few people asked me about it.Right now I'm satisfied with how this look...

The New Theme

Posted by frob, in Site Related 13 January 2011 · 251 views

As I've mentioned in a few posts, I'm working on trimming down the site a little bit in my own user css.I have trimmed down the top menus, assorted boxes and dialogs, and forum post tables. I toned down the background and adjusted a few colors. I moved the feedback image so it doesn't cover the text, and moved the "loading" tab to the side for the same re...

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