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Woody3D Discontinued

Posted by RSI3D, in Woody3D 17 July 2012 · 1,741 views

I'll just post what I wrote on the woody3d.com website, then I'll explain...

"Woody3D was developed by Neil Kemp at Rendering Systems Inc. as an inexpensive solution for developers to bring fully animated trees and foliage to their applications and engines. Woody3D was discontinued in July 2012.

Real-time tree generation and animation remain a core focus for Neil and Rendering Systems. In the future they’ll place a higher emphasis on modeling tools and less on source code integration."

Woody3D was a long term comitment for me. Three years of development. I wanted to create affordable real-time trees for developers. Why did it fail? Simple, the technology was complex and not easily integrated into today's popular engines. It focused more on source code integration and had a very nerdy user inteface. It should have focused on a simple intuitive interface (draw the tree - grab and bend the branches, etc.) with easy export to popular file formats.

So that's what I plan to do. Start again. I believe I can take what learned from Woody3D (and ShaderMap 2) to build a better (single) tool to generate fully animated 3D trees and plants for video games, simulations, and software rendering systems. I can't fail if I don't quit.

The Woody3D Field of Trees video will remain online:

To be honest, if you already gained some popularity with woody3d, don't throw it away. If you want to start over again, then just do it and call it woody3d 2 or whatever, but keep the popularity.
Thanks for your comments.

If you create a tool that is useful and easy to use it will be popular no matter what it is named.

And hey! It's not like I'm tossing out the knowledge and algorithms.
What are you going to do with Woody3D in it's current state? Open source it?

What are you going to do with Woody3D in it's current state? Open source it?

I'm going to use Woody's math library, geometry classes, and animation systems, to build a new tool for creating trees and plants. Open sourcing it is not something I want to do at the moment.
Agree with Ashaman73. You really should keep any popularity you already have. You can do a complete rebuild from scratch (reusing some parts you know that are working well) but just release it under the same name, on the same website and just add "2" to it so that people know that it is a major change.
Wow, you guys really like the name Woody3D. I don't... I was never happy using a phallic (almost comical) name for the tree lib. Not sure why I settled on it other than it seemed easy to remember and usually made people smile.

I'm wondering if you ever used Woody3D in a project or if you know anyone that did? My numbers suggest that it was never very popular.

I'm not so attached to the name but I was looking for this today and now I've found out it's discontinued.


How goes the new version? Is there any way to get the old one?

I was actually looking for something like this that simply wasn't speed tree. But sadly looks like I got to settle with a big fat darth vader "NOOOOOOoooooo"

Perhaps there is some insight, or such you can send my way so I can develop my own system?


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