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Android, Pyweek and Seperate Axis Theorem

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Python, Tutorials and Explanations 12 April 2011 - - - - - - · 529 views
Python, pyweek and 6 more...
[BLURB:] Sooooo... Perhaps I should work on smaller projects... hmmm. In any case, spent some time taking a look into python on Android, tried the pyweek challenge, and NAILED THE HELL out of SATs... not the school education kind.

Hmmm... Archetype needs to take a little break (not that I haven't already put it on the...

4X development and holding on Archetype

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Archetype Engine, Linux, Personal Side, Python 20 March 2011 - - - - - - · 526 views
4x, python, Archetype, galaxy and 5 more...
[BLURB:] Working on a 4X game, and the Archetype Engine is on hold thanks to the flipping camera! Also, my job goes from part time to full time and I've been exhausted!

[DEVELOPMENT: Galaxy vs Archetype]
It's a bit of a bad habit of mine. I'll work on a project for about a month or two, then I want to try something else....

Textures and Blenders

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Archetype Engine, Python 24 February 2011 - - - - - - · 399 views
Textures, OpenGL, Blender, OBJ and 1 more...
[BLURB:] Ummm... Yup. I have textures and I export from Blenders :D

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Ok, so I haven't been saying very much this month. I had a bout where I REEEALLY wanted to play a good space based 4x game, but failed to find one that fit my desire. After that, I tried X2: The Threat on Linux. Fun game, but a little too...

Gah! Almost two weeks!

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Archetype Engine, Personal Side, Python 09 February 2011 - - - - - - · 365 views
4X, Python, Archetype, RPG, VTT
[BLURB:] Not dead yet!


Ok, I haven't worked on Archetype for almost a week because my favorite RPG table top group suddenly finds itself GMless and I decided to try giving the job a go. Not that I've actually started GMing. It's an online group that used a virtual table top (VTT) and I've been spending a week...

Possible VBO Victory!

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Archetype Engine, Python 30 January 2011 - - - - - - · 536 views
Python, pyopengl, OpenGL and 3 more...
[BLURB:] I think I may have successfully discovered how to integrate VBOs into my library!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Having gone round and round and round the google merry-go-round in regards to VBOs with pyopengl, I FINALLY figured out how to get my hands on glGenBuffers and why my tests for always failed! Ok, it seems my...

ATI hate me, I think.

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Linux, Archetype Engine, Personal Side, Python 27 January 2011 - - - - - - · 656 views
ATI, NVidia, OpenGL, pyopengl and 6 more...
[BLURB:] A choice made 5 years ago is not effecting my 3D ENGINE!!! Grrrrr.... Have to put VBO development on hold! Grrrrr.... Vertex Array Object works like a charm... YAY!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Ok, I busted my mental hump trying to figure out VBOs. For PyOpenGL, most documentation on the subject is almost...

Working the "view"

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Archetype Engine, Python 25 January 2011 - - - - - - · 422 views
Archetype Engine, OpenGL, Python
[BLURB]: Studying VBOs and trying to determine the best method for rendering.

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Yes, to be perfectly honest, I've been a little lazy the last few nights. Not that I haven't done any work, but it's been light; reordering classes and files, mostly.
That said, some of the reason I've slowed is...

Bug fixes... and a Screenshot Part Duex

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Tutorials and Explanations, Archetype Engine, Python 21 January 2011 - - - - - - · 396 views
OpenGL, LookAt Matrix and 2 more...
[BLURB]: GOT YA! My camera works, finally! I fixed the rendering of the camera too, so it LOOKS like a camera. Nailed an interesting bug in my vector classes, and all is right with the world... oh yeah, another boring screen shot!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

The blurb basically sums up the massive part of my work. Basically,...

Bug Fixes... and a Screenshot!

Posted by ObsidianBlk, in Archetype Engine, Python 19 January 2011 - - - - - - · 321 views
Archetype, demo, screen-shots and 1 more...
[BLURB]: What can I say? Bug fixes... and a screen shot of a BROKEN demo :)

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Still a number of bugs to clean, but I fixed enough of them to get something drawn on the screen now, and it's easier to see the two viewports. Camera's still a LOT funky, though, so a bit of work needs to be done. I DO have a screen shot,...

Technically... a demo is written... errr....

Posted by ObsidianBlk, 18 January 2011 - - - - - - · 287 views

[BLURB]: Viewports and camera and demos... OH MY! Ummm... but demo doesn't work yet... lol!

[DEVELOPMENT: Archetype Engine]

Nothing major to talk about this blog, but I felt I should keep anyone who's still watching this journal apprised... I not have a "viewport" class that handles viewport setup for rendering. It...

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