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et1337 makes games

Screenshot Saturday 167

Posted by et1337, 19 April 2014 · 117 views

First, I forgot to post here about the Kickstarter failure, so here's the update I wrote in the final hours of the campaign:

I'm happy to announce that regardless of the Kickstarter outcome, production of Lemma will continue.

To be honest, I originally planned to cancel everything if the campaign failed. I figured a failed Kickstarter would be a sign...


Posted by et1337, 12 April 2014 · 218 views

We are now in the midst of the final week of Kickstarter funding! With the campaign nearing the end, I thought I would give you another development update.

First, I spent a few days completely rewriting every bit of text in the game to support multiple languages. You can now change the language from this nifty selector on the main menu, and the whole ga...


Posted by et1337, 04 April 2014 · 840 views

From the Kickstarter:
It's not every day you see this email in your inbox.

WE ARE ON STEAM! Thanks everyone for your votes! We were part of a batch of 75 titles, even though we hadn't reached the top 100 yet. Go check out the other games that were gree...

Cheat your way through life

Posted by et1337, 02 April 2014 · 227 views

From the Kickstarter: Just an update on development progress for Lemma! Thank you so much everyone for your support. I’m still getting tons of useful feedback from people playing the demo. Levels have been tweaked, bugs have been fixed, writing has been edited, and graphics have been tightened. Expect a new build very soon! Here’s some new features to lo...

Player model and animations

Posted by et1337, 30 March 2014 · 232 views

An update from the Kickstarter:
One concern that pops up a lot on Greenlight is the low quality of the player model and animations in Lemma. The reason it’s so bad is that I did all of it myself, and I’m not a character artist. People ask, “but couldn’t you just try harder? What’s so hard about modeling and animating a character anyway? Also, couldn’t y...

Movement in-depth

Posted by et1337, 27 March 2014 · 236 views

Update from the Kickstarter : I know it's only been 24 hours since the last update, but Lemma is now over 61% of the way to the top 100 games on Greenlight with well over 4,500 yes votes. Thank you all for being a part of this project!
I realized that the 30 seconds of gameplay from the Kickstarter trailer is not enough to really see what's going on, s...

Looking forward

Posted by et1337, 26 March 2014 · 201 views

From the Kickstarter , a quick status update before I talk more about Lemma:
At the current rate, we are just minutes away from 4,200 yes votes on Greenlight ! 56% of the way to the top 100.
A big thank you to our new backers! There are now 174 of you lovely people (wow) and we're over 32% funded.
Rock Paper Shotgun covered Lemma yesterday! And with th...

Greenlight update + streaming tomorrow

Posted by et1337, 20 March 2014 · 182 views

First: I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support you’ve shown so far. We’re already over 24% funded , which is more than I was expecting this early, so thank you!

Second: A quick update on the Greenlight campaign . We are 26% of the way to the top 100, with 1,918 “yes” votes! Keep on voting, we’ll be on Steam in no time.

Third: If you wanted...

Lemma - demo is out!

Posted by et1337, 18 March 2014 · 647 views

Download the demo for Windows
Back the Kickstarter
Vote for Lemma on Greenlight
Follow me on Twitter

After an unexpected 24 hour delay, the demo is finally out, and the Kickstarter is live! I'm running on 3 hours of sleep, but here's some things you might not have seen since the last release:
The bouncy cubes are now more like crumbly cubes. Th...

Screenshot Saturday 162

Posted by et1337, 14 March 2014 · 179 views

The Kickstarter for Lemma launches on Monday! Keep an eye out, and tell your friends!
Prepare yourself for tons of giant GIFs. You can click each one to watch a much faster HTML5 version (can't wait until the internet ecosystem finally lets us embed HTML5 gifs...)
This week I revamped the materials... again. Check it out:

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