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et1337 makes games

Auto-generating JSON serialization code in Objective C

Posted by et1337, 26 November 2013 · 760 views

I wrote this article for the Sidebolt company blog . Reposting it here for your reading pleasure!

Our latest game Skyward Slots makes extensive use of JSON. We send Gigabytes of it flying back and forth haphazardly between client and server over a WebSocket connection. At first, we wrote code by hand to pack and unpack each message. Later on we decided...

Simulating UIScrollView in Cocos2D

Posted by et1337, 26 November 2013 · 266 views

I wrote this article for the Sidebolt company blog . Reposting it here for your reading pleasure!
We publish our games on both Mac and iOS. Since UIKit is not available on Mac, we have to build all of our UI by hand in Cocos2D. One of the hardest parts to get right was emulating the UIScrollView bouncy scroll formula. Here it is in action:


Lemma - Alpha 3 Ready to Play

Posted by et1337, 06 May 2013 · 493 views
lemma, alpha
Download for Windows Check out the IndieDB project page Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter  After seven months of hard work, Alpha 3  is ready to play!Some interesting statistics:28,000+  lines of code29 MB  of compressed voxel data63 MB  of sounds and music38  animations60+  textures and normal maps220+  revisio...

Quantity Brings Quality

Posted by et1337, 07 April 2013 · 539 views

As I suspected, I have an almost insurmountable case of coder's block after a full day at work. Nevertheless, things are getting done. In fact, this might be the best thing that's happened for Lemma because it's forced me to cut a lot out of the design and focus on core things. It's the only way I'll ever finish.Screenshot below gives an idea of the new d...

Anecdotes ahoy

Posted by et1337, 24 March 2013 · 642 views

A smorgasbord of anecdotes carefully compiled just for you, dear reader. This is #2 in a series of three posts which were originally one, before I decided I just had too dang much to say.   OpenStack    I spent a few weeks at work building a fully operational [s]death star  OpenStack cluster. What does that mean? Basically, we have our own little private...

My Biggest Fear for the Future of Human-Computer Interfaces

Posted by et1337, 17 March 2013 · 915 views
openstack, vim and 1 more...
I recently had to install and configure an 18-node OpenStack  cluster, a process which involved a lot of SSHing and text-editing in terminals. I thought about learning Vim, but I was afraid of the incredibly steep learning curve, so I made do with GNU nano. It's not at all powerful, but it's easy.Eventually I realized, "This is my job. This is what I do e...

Internet is Back

Posted by et1337, 05 January 2013 · 742 views

I just got internet back after being without it since before Christmas. It was a tearful reunion, to be sure. Turns out, I was actually more productive than usual without internet. There's a one-word explanation for that, and it rhymes with "edit".ANYway, here's what got done:Analytics  When you finish a play session, you'll see something like this:http:/...

Progress Report

Posted by et1337, 10 December 2012 · 652 views
parkour, gameplay, update and 2 more...
Lemma has been radio silent recently, but that does NOT mean things aren't happening! I've been able to do a ton of work almost every day these past few weeks. Here's what's going on:

Did some massive surgery on the very first tutorial section after getting some feedback from a limited alpha release. It introduces, jumping,...

Mac and Linux Support

Posted by et1337, 19 November 2012 · 821 views
monogame, mac, linux
How's everyone doing? I'm doing okay. It's a Monday. Hope you're doing okay too. Surviving Sandy aftermath, school, work, and whatever other forms of oppression you may be under.

I don't have anything pretty to show for the past... wow, it's been three weeks. I've been...

Voxel Levitation and Rain

Posted by et1337, 30 October 2012 · 793 views

I present to you, "Voxel Levitation: a Step-by-Step Guide".

Step 1:
Posted Image

Step 2:
Posted Image

Step 3:
Posted Image


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