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I haven't posted in awhile, so here's some art I've been working on

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Pixel art 24 March 2013 - - - - - - · 1,192 views
pixel, art, tile, rpg
I've set up mercurial and use that for Of Stranger Flames. I should've learned some kind of source versioning system years ago, but the list of things I 'should learn' is rather large. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Mercurial was surprisingly easy to get up and running, so I'm glad. I've installed TortoiseHg  but I en...

Easing along, one step at a time

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in Code snippets 02 March 2013 - - - - - - · 2,309 views
interpolation, easing, tweening
I just finished adding some of the standard Ease equations to my code base for use in Of Stranger Flames.In discussion about the equations, it was requested for me to share the code here. This is not a tutorial , I don't have enough familiarity with the subject (or with math in general) to explain how every equation works. I'm just posting what I added to...

Hammering away on code and art

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Pixel art, Indie games, Design 15 January 2013 - - - - - - · 1,005 views
pixel, art, rpg, tile
I've been busy with code, and though I've been making little progress, progress is  being made.Yesterday and today I tossed together some art for my game to give me a break in-between compiles. This week's theme has been rough wooden structures.(Note: This art, like all the art I reveal on here, is copyrighted by me for use in my own projects, so duhnt ya...

Relaxing on a pixel-art couch

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Pixel art 05 December 2012 - - - - - - · 1,268 views
art, pixel art, 2d, rpg, design
While wrestling an annoying segfault (one of those, "This shouldn't be happening" bugs), and while chipping away (slowly) at a easy but tedious piece of code that I need to write, I ofcourse recline back and work on some art.

Apparently this weeks theme is couches. I guess my game takes place in a furniture store....

Minor progress update

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar 24 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,256 views
game, development, editor
I've been making alot of progress on minor points, checking things off my list(s). This is especially good, because I've been really disappointed with my progress of late, mostly due to being busy with non-game development stuff that had to get done, and while my time wasn't "taken up", it was fractured into pieces that made it hard to...

Smidgen bit of art

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Pixel art 18 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,569 views

Here's a few pieces of art I tossed together over the past dozen or so days while waiting for code to compile.

Colorful swirling floor
Posted Image

It tiles horizontally and vertically better than you'd guess.


Some new tile art, a new concept town sketch, and code architectural change

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Pixel art 27 October 2012 - - - - - - · 1,863 views
development, rpg
Hey guys! I got some work done the past week or two. Not as much as I was hoping to, but at least I got something done. Posted Image
For starters, layers now can be created/deleted using the editor.

Code architecture change

I've made some non-visible changes to...

Layers interacting with the editor

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Design 19 October 2012 - - - - - - · 1,106 views
editor, development, rpg, indie and 2 more...
I've been having loads of difficulty getting the "game" part of the code interacting with the "editor" part of the code, but I've finally hit on a decent solution. Such interface-to-system messaging is a problem I usually have with my not-thought-through architectures, but I'm getting better at it... though I still should...

Announcing 'Of Stranger Flames'

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar 17 September 2012 - - - - - - · 1,341 views
rpg, turn-based, 2d, game and 1 more...
Phew, I was 'gone' for almost two months (active on the forums and working on AdventureFar's website but no journal posts).

For the past 45 days, I've been chugging hard to get the AdventureFar website (and my personal website) up and running. I made my own WordPress theme, forcing me to learn PHP and HTML and CSS pretty heavily.

But I...

Cross platform filepath conventions and folder organization - Suggestions?

Posted by Servant of the Lord, 20 July 2012 - - - - - - · 1,327 views
organization, development and 2 more...
I have alot of folders and files that I use for programming, and sometimes it's a pain when I manually have to go through them in Windows Explorer. To make it easier, I use a couple tricks:

1) I set icons to folders I use frequently, usually icons that can be at a glance distinguished from each other, so I don't even need to read the folder...

Steam Greenlight? ...and a few other things

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in Uncategorized, AdventureFar 09 July 2012 - - - - - - · 1,735 views

Valve just announced a new way for developers to get onto Steam. They're calling it Steam Greenlight.

Posted Image

Basically, developers early in development start posting stuff about their game, and if the community likes it enough, they upvote the...

Some art

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar, Pixel art, Design 04 July 2012 - - - - - - · 1,305 views
art, 2d, rpg, pixel art
Well, so much for planning ahead! I just unexpectedly spent 20-ish days out of state, without access to the internet. I only got back four days ago.
Naturally, that torpedoed my intentions of getting the level editor working on time (though to be fair, I was already late even before I had to leave).

Getting the editor working is still my near-term...

Creating and deleting area chunks

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in AdventureFar 13 June 2012 - - - - - - · 1,206 views
development, indie game, editor
Making heavy progress, but still a ways out from actually meeting my milestone of walking around the game world. Posted Image

Here's the scene where you can edit the areas at a 'chunk' level instead of at a 'tile' level. (Recap: Areas are made up of Chunks which are made up...

Treasure Adventure Game

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in Indie games 05 June 2012 - - - - - - · 1,447 views
indie, games
Hey all, I'm making (slow) progress on AdventureFar. Won't be able to get the game editor (and thus the first town) done by the 15th as hoped.
I am making progress, but my programming time has been constrained slightly for the past week (but that will return to normal in a few more days).

Anyway, I'm just dropping in to point out this...

Strongly-typed typedefs in C++ in MinGW and GCC (C++11, GCC v4.6)

Posted by Servant of the Lord, 29 May 2012 - - - - - - · 3,983 views
template, macro, typedef, gcc and 3 more...
C++ typedefs are weak - they are only a simple alias of the original type, and are implicitly converted to and from the original type.

Here's a basic example:
struct Point
int x, y;

typedef Point MyPoint;
typedef Point MyOtherPoint;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
Point point;
MyPoint myPoint;
MyOtherPoint myOtherPoint;

point =...