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Todo list

Posted by Servant of the Lord, in Community Challenge 14 May 2011 · 325 views

game development progress design
Need to run off someplace again, but only for a few hours.

Here's my current todo for today. However far through it I am able to get today, determines how much time I have to add additional content and polish tomorrow.

Step 1:
Setup level loading (lua script) now.

Let player kill crystal.

Step 2:
Give player health.
Make health visible.

Make enemies hurt player.
Make walls, unbreakable walls, and side-boundry (non-hurting) walls.

Let player die. Show taunts on death.
Have game reset properly. Keep track of deaths on top of screen.

Step 3:

Add pausing

Add background additions (details on floor while world is scrolling).

Add enemies like the "fall from ceiling" enemies.

Step 4:

Make the level. Make it in 40 segments that are shuffled and
then loaded in the shuffled order. The first segment is always
a safe one. Not empty, but only a couple simple walls.

Show a progress bar, "Amount through the game"
Show "Farthest point reached so far: Hammer to the crystal"
Show "Last attempt reached: "

Step 5:

Add music and sound effects.

Step 6

Make instruction window and main menu.

Step 7:

Polish gameplay.
Have [...] and [...] test it, and give feedback.


What will the Polish gameplay entail, and how will it differ to the regular gameplay? :P

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