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Designing: The Game and Its Content

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part 9

Posted by sunandshadow, 22 December 2012 · 762 views

9. Forums, Messaging, Chatting Purely singleplayer games, of course, have no need for a forum or messaging system. Games with minimal multiplayer  may have the messaging system without the forum; usually in this kind of game the purpose of the messaging system is to send gifts and friend invites  or PvP challenges  to other players , and optionally the pl...

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part 8

Posted by sunandshadow, 21 December 2012 · 487 views

8. Currencies, Trading, Shops, and the Marketplace This section is about the exchange of money and/or items between the player and the game or between two players. “ Money” can be any kind of currency , not just bills or coins. Gems, tokens, tickets, pretty much anything can be used as a game currency. Many games have multiple currency systems  with some...

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part 7

Posted by sunandshadow, 20 December 2012 · 524 views

7. Gathering and Crafting: Climbing the Tech Tree, Recipes, Skills, Building Up Infrastructure, and Crafting Gameplay.

Crafting is any act of processing a resource to alter it or combining two resources into something new. The resources upon which crafting is performed are usually gatherables or drops. Gatherables are items the player can...

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part 6

Posted by sunandshadow, 19 December 2012 · 598 views
sunandshadow, guide, tutorial and 5 more...
6. Inventory Systems: Types Of Items and How Each Type Functions Within the Game, How the User Interacts With Storage, Storage Limitations and Expansion As Gameplay.

Almost all pet games have an inventory of some sort. In games where the player is expected to collect many pets they usually have their own inventory system, separate from equippable...

Guide To Designing A Pet Game Part 5

Posted by sunandshadow, 18 December 2012 · 679 views

5. Avatar Creation: Human vs. Pet, Clothing Systems, The Avatar's Role(s) Within The Game, Avatar Equipment Slots, Stats, and Abilities.

Probably most of you are familiar with the concept of an avatar as a 2D image which you choose to represent yourself on a forum, IM network, or social networking site. Some games use that kind of avatar,...