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Designing: The Game and Its Content

Gimmick and Story

Posted by sunandshadow, 29 August 2004 · 292 views

Well okay, since nobody has requested any other genre descriptions, I'll move on. If you are using this journal as a how-to for starting your game design, you have presumably now chosen your gameplay genre and worked up a features wishlist. Is any of these a brilliant original feature that you thought up previously? If so, you may already have a...

Gameplay Genre Characteristics

Posted by sunandshadow, 25 August 2004 · 263 views

Ooh, lucky you, you get 2 journal entries for the price of one today! ;)

Previously, I mentioned the idea of mixing and matching genre characteristics to make your own genre. Well, to do that you have to know what the genre's characteristics are. In this developer journal I will be focusing on how to design a single player RPG, so let's look at...

The Game Concept

Posted by sunandshadow, 24 August 2004 · 211 views

Hello all, and welcome back once again to Sunandshadow's School of Game Design. Thank you all for the lovely comments so far! :) Y'know, writing this journal takes a good chunk of time, but I'm enjoying it. Maybe if I write enough I can turn it into a textbook - I've always wanted to write a textbook! ^_^ ... <.< >.> Man that sounded...

The Plunge Into Game Design

Posted by sunandshadow, 24 August 2004 · 220 views

Goodness, are you still here? Guess I must not be the only foolhardy, overconfident designer around here. ;) Well then, onward!

The game development team leader has two main reponsibilities: the game development team, and the design document. So hopefully you like to type, because in between emails and turning your ideas nto documentation you...

Designing and Plex Levels (music and story)

Posted by sunandshadow, 23 August 2004 · 200 views

So far I have mostly talked about designing clothing, which I'm sure is deadly boring to some of you. But I had a good reason for this (other than it being my current job ;) ): Designing clothing is simple. Now, I'm sure professional clothing designers would argue with that. I'm not saying that designing clothing is easy. What I'm saying is that, just...