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Fuzzlr, Fuzzles and Task Management

Posted by hammon, 06 September 2012 · 974 views
game, gamification, todo, tasks and 3 more...
Corporate Games?

Up until now, I have released very little information about Fuzzlr other than what's on the beta sign-up page: "Complete your real world goals and save fuzzles from danger!" and the general description I give out: "Fuzzlr is a productivity app that uses game-like play to motivate you into completing...

Fuzzlr: Press Start to Play!

Posted by hammon, 18 July 2012 · 1,050 views

Last month I posed a question: "should I continue on the project I'm working on or quit and focus my attention on a (slightly less fun) spin-off?"

First I want to apologize for being late (I did say I'd let you know the following week) and second I wanted to let you know what the result is. I have decided, based on the support and number...

Fuzzlr: Quit or Continue?

Posted by hammon, 11 June 2012 · 1,006 views
fuzzlr, goals, motivation, quit and 5 more...
Over the last few months I’ve been working on a new concept, blending social and game mechanics with goal management to create a fun, engaging experience to help people remain motivated to complete personal goals. Here is a little story to show how it works:

You log in and create a new goal (let’s say Finish Maths Assignment for College) and add a time...

Fuzzlr – Complete Real World Goals and Save Fuzzles from Torture!

Posted by hammon, 21 March 2012 · 1,363 views
fuzzlr goals, fuzzles, real world and 3 more...
It's been a while since I updated this journal (under the previous title: Massively Multiplayer Social Network) and a lot has changed. Unfortunately the original Wootanga social network was never completed, however a great many lessons were learned.

Now I'm back and this time I'm developing another kind real world merged with game elements...

New Additions

Posted by hammon, 24 January 2005 · 340 views

There's been a few new additions at the Wootanga Infosite. The first addition we have is a new member to the team, who'll be working alongside us creating artwork for Wootanga. You can already see some of his colouring work below.

Some concept art for Wootanga

We now have a ShoutBox on the front page of the Wootanga Infosite. Here you'll be able...

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