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New Old Things

A C64 Game - Step 78

Posted by Endurion, in C64 24 November 2012 · 827 views

Added and streamlined all story pages. Now we have locations (mentioned) and a crude "story arc". Plus a little animation on the last two bosses. There's no higher meaning behind the locations, I just wandered about USA with Google maps ;)

Showing no code this time, since it's merely added text to existing tables.

The aforementioned...

A C64 Game - Step 77

Posted by Endurion, in C64 17 November 2012 · 751 views

And another boss. This one is different, as it spawns bats to the left and right. And is only vulnerable during that part ;)

The boss routine is a bit bigger this time. The attacking bat code is already there, so nothing to add on that part.
As behaviours got increasingly complex I started to write the state values on top of...

A C64 Game - Step 76

Posted by Endurion, in C64 10 November 2012 · 920 views

And yet another 10 stages. A few animation bugs show up with the water, in general there seems to be another fixing step coming up.

Have fun!

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A C64 Game - Step 75

Posted by Endurion, in C64 03 November 2012 · 901 views

And more! Now the executable hit the load barrier, so Exomizer is the only way to go onwards (before it was optional). Added a new waterfall char with the same effect as low water.

At the same location the other char is initiated we add this:

ldx #0
lda $F800 + 143 * 8,x

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