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Beginnings of the Wayward Programmer


Entries in April 2013
05 Apr From: Looking to get into sprite-based 2D game programming 0 Comments
Entries in January 2012
08 Jan Another try with HTDP 2nd Edition 1 Comments
Entries in July 2010
11 Jul My "Lesson" Stories 0 Comments
Entries in December 2006
31 Dec My New Year's Resolution 0 Comments
Entries in November 2006
23 Nov A year in the good OK 1 Comments
Entries in May 2006
16 May OOOOOOoooooooo LISP!!! 2 Comments
06 May So I got a novel idea 0 Comments
Entries in April 2006
06 Apr Today I have reached Moderator Status 3 Comments
Entries in April 2005
18 Apr 6 months later and I'm back 0 Comments
Entries in November 2004
20 Nov Another Day... another tribulation 0 Comments
Entries in August 2004
24 Aug Rejoining Mental and Physical Activity 0 Comments
23 Aug My First Journal... 0 Comments