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SpeedRun's Journal

Breakout Clone v1.0

Posted by SpeedRun, in Games 13 May 2014 · 1,159 views

The first release of the Breakout clone is finally here.

The Installer will install directx and the visual studio 2010 re-distributable.

If you would prefer to run the game through a zip file, you can download it from here . You will have to make sure that you have the visual studio 2010 re-distributables as well as the latest DirectX installed on your...

New Release : Asteriods v 2.0

Posted by SpeedRun, in Games, Asteroids 01 April 2013 · 772 views

Version 2.0 of Asteroids has been released  Added Redefinable ControlsAllowing Toggle FullScreen/Windowed Immediately The setup can be downloaded here

New Project : Asteroid Clone

Posted by SpeedRun, in Games 26 February 2013 · 755 views

For my next project, I have decided to make a clone of Asteroids as my second project. I would like to have a finished game by March 31st which gives me a month to finish the game. This time will include all the enhancements required in the engine so that the game is playableWhy Asteroids Its a free form game with irregular goemetry which requires a more...

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