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Bluefirehawk's: "Path to World Domination"

Game engine architecture, or how to start your own Engine...

Posted by Bluefirehawk, in Info, Coding 02 November 2012 · 1,903 views

...finally! Finally something I wanted to write about all along!
Why didn't I do it? Well...

... I knew I didn't know anything about designing such a complex system. I tried to find some good examples on the Internet. While one wasn't very bad, it didn't make too much sense to me, I always felt like something was missing.
I finally...

Keen on making mistakes

Posted by Bluefirehawk, in Info, Coding, Rambling 26 October 2012 · 779 views

Sooo... this weeks post will be less structured, it is again more of a "writing thoughts to words" entry than something new to the game... anyways.

I gave more thoughts on the engine design, also how you design as efficient as possible, how do you implement a Entity based design correctly... and it went on and on.
Suddenly it jumped my mind, I...

I can die happy now! For realsies...

Posted by Bluefirehawk, in Info, Coding, Rambling, C++ Endeavor 19 October 2012 · 973 views

...yes, I really am that happy."Why" do you ask? Simply put:IT WORKS!! HAHAAAAAAA!!!! SUCK ON THAT SEVENTH CIRCLE OF DEV. HELL!! Screw you guys, I'm going home. (If you haven't noticed already, this entry has the Rambling tag)It works, I still cannot really believe it, I feel a bit lightheaded from that, or maybe it's the hangover, or the chocolate flash,...

The boring part of being a Developer or: Why I failed

Posted by Bluefirehawk, in Info, Coding, C++ Endeavor 28 September 2012 · 1,355 views

Soooo... this week I write again about the boring part of developing: Software ConstructionIf you've read my ramblings on "The seventh Circle of Dev Hell", know that I have my problems with the toolchains for C++, so this is basically part 2 of the Dev Hell, but more structured and no random sentences. Since I don't think C++ veterans have any interest in...

The seventh Circle of Dev Hell!

Posted by Bluefirehawk, in Coding, Info, Rambling 31 August 2012 · 1,037 views


Soooo in this weeks post I talk about the devil in development: TOOLS!

"Why tools?" you say, "Tools make the life easier" you say. NO! THEY'RE NOT! THEY ARE EVIL!

I started from the C#/Java world, and I naively assumed that there are few good, widely spread toolset...

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