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Aurioch's Time Machine

Salty update.

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 23 July 2013 · 825 views


Greeting from the sunny (and disgustingly windy) beach in Croatia. It's good to get away from the regular style of life; for some reasons my productivity arises while on vacation. Only problem is the lack of the normal connection to the internet, but I've managed to snatch dad's mobile internet USB stick so I can get here on occasions, so, this jo...

Battle City - Battlefield is opened

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 27 June 2013 · 968 views


I took a break from exams in order to work on the game. For now, I managed to pass Databases exam and Intro to Computer Science exam so I'm a little tired from studying.

This time, there are no any big updates on the progress, except for graphical revamp (which is still in progress). Instead, I'd like to share a current version of the game. I'd...

Learning to draw, pixel by pixel

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 13 June 2013 · 816 views


Some time has passed from last update. Semester end is coming close and with it summer vacation, valuable time for learning anything programming-related and... Exams. Lots of exams. Oh how I don't want to study from faculty materials, I'd rather invest time on working on projects or study from real life examples where I can learn much faster and mo...

Temporal silence

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 02 May 2013 · 536 views


Well, I've been out for a while. There is a lot going on, my faculty exams are finished. Since I'm busy with faculty I simply don't have enough time to work on what I want - and even when I have I don't have enough motivation to do it.
Regarding faculty, this semester I have to write seminary - topic I managed to get is "Pathfinding algorithms". Fu...

New Battle City update

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 27 January 2013 · 924 views

Hello again!

Here's another project status update; unlike last time, this time I made more "visible" stuff rather than tuning the code that operates it. Well... when I think about it... there is plenty of both. This update is rather big (for me) and I cannot express how determined and happy I am because of it.

Short summary:
Added level selection scre...

Battle City - The Battlefield is forming

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 09 January 2013 · 929 views

Winter vacation is over http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png
First things first: I know that it's late, but Happy New Year! Hope you had a good vacation.
I didn't have much time to invest into project due to all the events surrounding Christmas and New Year so there was another 2 week "rest" from programming. In the evenings...

Developing Battle City - from beginning till now

Posted by Aurioch, in Battle City development 16 October 2012 · 1,307 views


I hate introductions, I don't know what to say about myself :/ Oh well. Name's Josip and I'm student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. I started programming in elementary school after discovering QBasic, and since I love video games I decided to become game developer. Over years I passed from QBasic, Pascal, VB...

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