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Squared'D's Journal

Middleware and 3rd Party Libraries in Auxnet - Part 1 - Direct X

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B, Auxnet 01 November 2013 · 589 views
auxnet, middle ware, middleware and 2 more...
Middleware and 3rd Party Libraries in Auxnet - Part 1 - Direct X

Making a game like Auxnet has been a very daunting and tiring task. I work on a team; however, I'm the only programmer. Making such a game alone wouldn't be possible unless I used various libraries and APIs. I guess it would be possible, but it would have tripled the amount of time spent....

Auxnet:Battlegrounds 2013-10-25 Prealpha Video

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B, Auxnet 24 October 2013 · 477 views
auxnet, project b
Here's a video of a character movie around an arena. The game is still early in it's development, but we've been making a lot of progress so far. A lot of the artwork that you see here is being refined and redone so we hope the final project will be really good.

Our team also has a new logo now. We will develo...

2013-10-22 Video Blog - Getting Organized

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B, Auxnet 21 October 2013 · 930 views
game development, scheduling and 4 more...

The blog post have been coming out fast these days. This is a video blog that will detail the process that I use when deciding on programming task. I still have a lot of coding to do so I have found the organization is very important when I want to get things done in a reasonable amount of time. More specifical...

Project B is now Auxnet: Battlegrounds

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B, Auxnet 19 October 2013 · 605 views
auxnet, auxnet battlegrounds and 1 more...
I've been working a lot the past few days. Here's our new project page right here on Gamedev.net that will give more information about our game. I'm still coding so I'll give more information later.



2013-10-17 Video Blog - Project B Effects Editor

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B 16 October 2013 · 466 views
project b, game developmet and 2 more...
Here's a little video that shows some of the effects that I plan to add to the game in the next day or so as I try to get this game playable asap. I guess it's already playable, but I want it to be fun.

Project B - 2013-10-15 - Slowly coming together

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B 15 October 2013 · 483 views
project b, game development and 1 more...
I have updated in a while, but that's because I've been coding like a mad man over the past few weeks. I had been working on adding PhysX and testing out collision detection, but the main work I've been doing has been adding basic multiplayer characteristics. It took me about 8 days, but now I've got basic peer to peer networking in using RakNet. It was a...

2013-09-19 Project B Update & My First Motion Comic Experiment

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B 19 September 2013 · 703 views
project b, game development and 2 more...
2013-09-19 Project B Update
It's been a while since I've posted something so I thought it was time for me to release more information. The game has been going well. I had been working on integrating NVidia Physx 3 with the engine. Now I have a character that can run around the level and it can collide with the walls and go up ramps. I love using physi...

Project B - 2013-09-06 - Reaching Milestones

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B 05 September 2013 · 2,033 views
project B, indie, game and 1 more...
Project B - 2013-09-06 - Reaching Milestones

After a long time, and a lot of work, finally Project B is starting to look like a game. It's not a game yet, but we're getting there. Here's the latest screen shot.

I've been ha...

Project B - 2013-08-26 Update

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B 25 August 2013 · 446 views

Project B - 2013-08-26 Update

Finally, I've been making some real progress. Most of the code to read a level file and to load it is working, and everything is running well in the current single player version of the game engine framework. Don't worry, I'll extend it to multi-player soon enough. There are still quite a few things I need to work on befor...

What I Have Been Working On -- Engine Layout

Posted by Squared'D, in Project B 13 August 2013 · 754 views
progamming, project b, indie
What I Have Been Working On -- Engine Layout

If you've been reading my post, you'll likely know that I've been upgrading my game engine to be able to work on both Direct X 9 and Direct X 11 with hopes of future multi-platform capabilities in the future. I've also stopped using the DXUT GUI and built my own system from the ground up with the exception o...

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