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DOT Space Hero's Journal

Post #2 Creating the prototype

Posted by canochaba, in DOT Space Hero 20 July 2013 · 412 views

Hello again devs!

I want to write today about as we create the basis for DOT Space Hero. The prototype.

I started learning Unity 3D a two years ago, I decided on this engine because I had read very good reviews, the community behind it is huge and isn't too difficult to learn. I had experience programming in Cobol and as you can imagine any resemblance...

DOT Space Hero is avaliable for iOS

Posted by canochaba, in DOT Space Hero 15 July 2013 · 462 views
Shooter, retro, arcade, indie and 3 more...
Hello everyone!

I'm going to writing a development journal of our first game DOT Space Hero, it has been developed by a team of two and was released for iOS a few day ago, we are currently working to make a Lite version and then it will come to Android, PC & Mac. Our idea was to make a different shooter game for mobile considering the limitations of...

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