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Gaiiden's Scroll

Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Uncategorized, Weekend Reading 21 June 2014 · 190 views

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 6 /14 - 6/21

Say hello to new journal authors Eruadan and Arcana Art !

Project Updates
Grand Strategy: Space War - Orymus3 has scrapped the combat system for the project he's working on but is looking for feedback on his outline to use it for a separate mini-game
newtechnology's Journal - newtec...

Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, 03 June 2011 · 419 views
weekend reading
Welcome to the month of June fellow game devvers! Here's what went down as the months transitioned over the period of 5/27 - 6/3.

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry


Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, 22 April 2011 · 470 views
weekend reading
Welcome back after another week! Here is your round-up of stories from 4/15 - 4/22

As a side note, I asked Mike about the lack of full screen capability in YouTube embeds and he directed me to the media BBCode editor. After a bit of fiddling around I got the tag code updated so that videos are now larger and can be played in full screen....

My first foray into Interactive Fiction

Posted by Gaiiden, 16 November 2010 · 235 views

Copied from my blog Blade Edge
At the end of last month I was sitting at my computer and staring at the lit of new poll options for GameDev.net. I run the weekly polls that appear on the main page and lately there haven't been many people submitting poll ideas and I've had trouble coming up with good ones. After a couple of minutes of staring at...

LOGIN Conference: Day Three

Posted by Gaiiden, 13 May 2010 · 170 views

The last day of LOGIN is wrapping up this afternoon, and as always it's sad to see it end. As I said in my blog about yesterday and Tuesday, this conference is primarily focused on networking, since there are only a few hundred attendees taking up a single location. You'll always see that guy you met the day before the following day and be able...