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Gaiiden's Scroll

Largest Fireworks Display World Record 2014

Posted by Gaiiden, in Personal 27 December 2013 · 626 views

I need to apologize to the community for not being able to keep up with my usual Weekend Reading reports like I promised I would do before leaving at the end of last month. I don't use my laptop much, so I had forgotten that I really needed to buy a new one. I'm literally typing faster than the words are appearing on my screen and I'm a hunt and peck type...

Development Timelapse - Building an airport in Flight Simulator X

Posted by Gaiiden, in Personal 28 February 2013 · 914 views
timelapse, fsx, flight simulator
I used to develop games - that's what got me involved with this website. Ironically, I then stopped actively developing games to pour more time and energy into GameDev.net. About 3 years ago I decided it was time to get back into making games, however I came across an enticing alternative that still used a lot of the skills I had developed while learning...

Reflecting on 10 years of working with GDNet

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet, Personal 17 June 2011 · 381 views

Posted also to my personal blog Blade Edge.

12:25pm, June 18th 2001 an email was delivered to my Hotmail Inbox. It was a Monday and I was probably still in school, a high school Senior ready for my final year of formal education to be over. I probably only had...

From now on, it's all about me!

Posted by Gaiiden, in Personal 05 April 2011 · 510 views

So a couple of days ago I realized - now that we have a Staff Journal with which to spout Official Business and such, this journal can really return to just being my personal journal 24/7. Pretty cool, but what to post about? Well, I suppose I might as well start jabbering...

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