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Crawling with ideas

Never give up. Never surrender.

Posted by ManTis, in Programming, onegameamonth, 12G12M, 1GAM 12 May 2013 - - - - - - · 526 views
programming, onegameamonth and 2 more...
So... yeah. This is going to be a hard thing to write.It's been long couple months. I was supposed to do many great things, I was supposed to update this blog. I have to come clean: I didn't.Now, I have standard excuses: I was tired, I didn't have time, I had to spend time with my girlfriend and preparing for the kid to be born, I was studying lots of thi...

12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Week 1

Posted by ManTis, in 12G12M, 1GAM 06 January 2013 - - - - - - · 903 views
12G12M, 1GAM, programming
12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Week 1 Week one is done. It wasn't that long, only 3 days really, as on the New Year I wasn't working, due to it being a day off. I had unfortunately bit more things to do than I anticipated - to be precise I had to do coding for my day job over evenings and even on the weekend, but I found some time to write game.The goal for the first week was simple enough: W...

12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Intro

Posted by ManTis, in 12G12M, 1GAM, Programming 01 January 2013 - - - - - - · 984 views
12G12M, programming, 1GAM
12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Intro Happy New Year, people!Today is the very first day of development for my 12 Games In 12 Months  project. I have really looked forward to this, but I'm also bit afraid. This year will be really tough, with me working essentially 1.5 shift for the whole period. I need to keep the goal in mind though: Get better at creating games, and prepare to earn some se...

New Year's Project, 12 Games in 12 Months

Posted by ManTis, in 12G12M, 1GAM, Programming 27 December 2012 - - - - - - · 918 views
12G12M, programming and 2 more...
1) INTRO Hello there. The year is ending, and it's time for a new challenge. I'll be making 12 Games in 12 Months , over the next year. \o/Since I've turned 30 years old couple days ago, and have a kid on the way, it's high time for me to stop loafing around and go for the goal I always aimed at - create awesome games that will be played all over the worl...

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