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GDC 2011

The Circle of GDC Life

Posted by ApochPiQ, 08 March 2011 · 678 views

So another GDC has come and gone - my fourth, personally - and it seems that the same old patterns held true yet again this year that have dominated the GDC experience so many times before:

Count down the weeks, then days, then hours before GDCI fail to sleep properly the night before flying outSomething goes wrong with the flight out (this...

GDC 2011: Day 3

Posted by mittens, 03 March 2011 · 965 views

Day 3 started, much like Day 2, at 5:00am, because for some reason I'm under the false assumption that I should continue waking up at my normal time all week.

That is a poor...

GDC 2011: Day 2

Posted by mittens, 02 March 2011 · 716 views

Before anyone asks: there is no GDC 2011 - Day 1 post. Well, there may be somewhere, but I didn't write it. GDC 2011 - Day 1 entailed me getting into San Francisco fairly late, grabbing dinner and beer with some bros, and then pretty promptly heading to sleep. At 8:30pm local time....

Independent Games Summit Miscellany

Posted by SHilbert, 28 February 2011 · 885 views

Here are some highlights from a few of the other sessions I attended at the Independent Games Summit today:

The Care and Feeding of Your Independent Game Studio
Arthur Humphrey (Last Day of Work)

Arthur covered some of the challenges facing the casual games market today, as well as his approaches...