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Developer Journals

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Simplified Example Of How To Use JPanel & JFrame With Lots Of Different Stuff

Below you will find a fully functional code example that shows how to do many common tasks with JPanel & JFrame. I stripped out as much useless "fluff" as I could, leaving the code as bare as possible( all code is in a single class ) . If you have a question on a specific area please refer to a Google search before asking here. Things this code demo...
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We announced Imperia our strategy RPG!

We're a tiny studio and we finally found the time (well made the time by staying up about 50 hours straight) to finalize our site and announce our upcoming strategy RPG Imperia for the iPad/Mac/PC platforms. Also I saw a posting by GDNet on facebook regarding being in the banner, and I'm hoping to get some consideration as three long time community member...
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Unity Windows Phone 8 Facebook integration

I wanted to add Facebook integration to Hamster Chase for Windows Phone 8 in an effort to have players get word out of the game through social media in exchange for a reward. A search on Google led me to Chillster's Facebook SDK at http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/facebook-sdk-for-unity-plus-windows-phone-8.217907/ . It was free and also fairly new. I...

Speed bumps and soft launches

Whenever people ask me what it's like to build a startup, not just in games but in general, I often equate it to driving a car with no breaks down a road full of speed bumps and road blocks. If you're small and self funded you'll be wearing many hats, and like it or not you're going to miss things along the way and run into a lot of issues, but to be succ...

Bugs Funny.

Bugs are usually source of headaches... 99% of the time you encounter a bug in your game you will be flooded with confusion, anger and the need to lift your fist and curse the gods. Because that's what programming is basically about... cursing the gods for your unfair destiny (why didn't you make me normal?!). But sometimes... just sometimes... bugs are...

One Year Later…

Tuesday was the anniversary of my first real post on this blog. For the most part, I’ve tried to keep my content here on the technical side of things, but, what the hell, this is a good time to reflect on a year of blogging – what went well, what went poorly, and where I’m going from here. What I Meant to Accomplish (And What I actually Accomplished…)...

RedBox v0.2, spawn and melee

Things are going quickly, and after a few days from 0.1, I completed the checklist for 0.2. Woah! http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/cool.png The main feature was the ability of the engine to create monsters, put them in map and allow player to slay them in melee. A spawn system was also desired. A single monster to begin with: g...

A try at Unity

So I haven't posted for a while because I was busy learning about unity game engine. After looking at this game engine, I thought it would have been better if I started my scratch game project after becoming familiar with unity game engine. The engine is very friendly and easy to use and there.. See More

Experimenting Color Palletes

Here are some experiences with different color pallete schemes. We are more inclined to the triad style in blue.

Getting Lost Keeping the Lights on

There comes a time, for some more than once, when a single developer or small team looks at their financing and the decision to continue working or increase the available funds must be answered. The last 7 months have been such a time for me. My last post for this journal was early December, after which the assault of the holidays limited productions and...

Build & Project Configurations for Hieroglyph 3

Building Hieroglyph 3 Hieroglyph 3 always has had an 'SDK' folder where the engine static library is built to in its various configuration and platform incarnations, and the include (*.h, *.inl) files are copied to an include folder. This lets a user of the engine have an easy way to build the engine and grab the result for use in another project that...

Daath Galaxy - Now on Greenlight Concepts with Animated Screenshots

It's been a little bit since my last update, so I wanted to let you all know that Daath Galaxy is now on Steam Greenlight Concepts. Please vote here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281734542 REAL (NON-CONCEPT) GREENLIGHT CAMPAIGN STARTS ON AUGUST 1st, 2014 I just updated my Greenlight page with these animated GIFs, and I want...

New trailer!

Gearing up for Midwest Game Developers Summit this weekend. Tune in next week for my first expo post-mortem. In the mean time, the old trailer was looking woefully outdated, so here's a brand new one!


http://uploads.gamedev5.net/gallery/album_535/gallery_193470_535_552379.png http://button.desura.com/popularity/medium/games/28892.png http://button.desura.com/play/medium/games/28892.png RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS GAME-PLAY VIDEO #5 Showing only a few snippets of the things you will get to experience on your trip through Cri...

Project Anera: Part 3 - Realistic Expectations

Hey all! It's been a busy week between the World Cup and 4th of July, I haven't devoted as much time to progressing on my project, but I've picked up quite a bit in the past few days. Realistic Expectations It dawned on me this past weekend that I most likely won't have time to implement all the features and elements I want. The problem is, it takes o...

I've diagnosed myself with having an inferiority complex

I've diagnosed myself with having an inferiority complex: It never makes me feel good when I see my faults in the mirror. Now, this is a time of reflection, but all of a sudden I am thinking of how this applies to gamers. So, I revisited in my mind, a few of my original posts on this site, where I was trying to get to the root of "Games." Things like...

Unity Windows Phone 8 In-App Purchase Integration

The focus of this journal entry is on how I integrated In-App purchase capabilities into my Unity game. I'm not going to discuss strategies for earning money from players, or how I used the IAP assets once they were integrated. Unity Setup for Zaubersee I began by purchasing a Windows Phone 8 IAP Unity package by Zaubersee at https://www.assetstore.u...

Editor Overhaul

So I've had a busy and productive last couple of days! I've been doing a lot of solid work rewriting and rebuilding the map editor, and it now not only works on a more efficient and flexible system, but it also allows placement of tiles, and objects with certain modifiers attached. Modifier values will have different effects, but could range from changing...

MVVM in SharpDX? Why not!

I just started this journal in the hopes that by participating more in the community I'll be able to find the necessary motivations to work on my project. Long story short, a long time ago I started working on a 4X game and the accompanying engine. Unfortunately the scope of the project was too big for my one-man army, so I refocused on a smaller sci-fi t...
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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Two fireworks shows down in Florida outside of Miami I did for this holiday weekend went great - Arthur was well to the north and the T-storms stayed away during the evenings. Got home last night so here's the Late But Still Great edition of Weekend Reading, with entries from 6 /28 - 7/6 Say hello to new journal authors Migi0027 , sck8000 and GoCatGo !...

Halloween 2014 -- A Maze of Sound

I'm most of the way there with finding the visual "tone" or mood for this game, so now on to some game mechanics. Since this is intended to be both simple and free, I'm going to play to my strengths and use sound as a primary source of gameplay. My experience has always been that sound can make (or break) both films and interactive media. I have fond m...

Much faster now

I've not given up on 3D. The game now runs at 300-500 FPS here thanks to: - getting rid of several hundred units - getting rid of shadows and bump mapping - using VBO - frustum culling everything - simplifying the unit models Maybe now I can do something useful on the gameplay. I also had an idea. This type of game might be particularly suited for AI-a...

Multi-texturing + Yoshi's Island

hallo, Modo's 'shader tree': http://www.dynamique.nl/grow/pst/ModoMaterial.png It's a peculiar thing at first: instead of creating explicit materials, you add shading components (textures etc.) to a single hierarchy. Polygons are then assigned tags which correspond to masking-groups (a sort of polygon-'gateway') located in the tree. During shading...

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