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Developer Journals

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Caveman 3.0 Beta 12 released!

Caveman 3.0 Beta 12 released! PLAY NOW! http://rocklandsoftware.net/beta.php Game info: http://rocklandsoftware.net/Caveman.php New for beta 12: --------------------------------------------- * refactored and improved AI * give orders to party members * sound effects * music * animations for actions details: * following band members now keep up duri...
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Reducing Unity game file size

Hello, I've been busy porting Twitchy Thrones to Unity. The game was originally programmed in Objective-C, using XCode and the Cocos2D framework. Cocos2D is a great framework but if you want to publish your game for iPhone, Android and PC you have to use C++ and Cocos2D-X. Setting up Cocos2D-X isn't trivial and using C++, of course, implies losing comfor...
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How I synchronized a simple rigidbody across network players with UE4

The Issue I'm developing an online soccer game for UE4 which you can get from http://github.com/Gamieon/UBattleSoccerPrototype for now. During game play, the soccer ball can be in one of two states: Freely moving; or in possession. When freely moving, the ball moves by physics simulation. When in possession, the ball is always in front of the posse...

Magic Game Update - December 2014

The source of my stress stems from money issues. I had this idea that I would invest all of my savings in the stock market and then operate my business off of the interest of the investments. Great idea, in theory, but it assumes that your stocks are going to be worth more rather than less. In my case, I've lost a ton of money. That has changed how "relax...

Implementing the particle fountain effect

So, over the past week i have been busy implementing the first of many different particle effects for the game. A video of the particle effect can be found here on my YouTube channel . The whole of the game hinges around pretty (and rather deadly) particle effects, so this is an important part of the design. The first of these effects is a particle "fou...

Splitting the Atom...ic Engines to Full!

A further divergence in my RPG Maker from the Enterbrain "stuff" is that a lot of the engine will be state-based. These states are essentially container classes which are extensible to exhibit the intended action. In fact, I use a number of states which inherit from other states, for a multi-tiered approach. I have been working quite regularly lately on...

Developing a small game with built-in level editor!

It has been a long time since I've posted anything in this journal, in fact I sort of forgot about its existence! Won't do that again. I'm not sure how many people are familiar with it, but I'm using App Game Kit from The Game Creators, the same company behind DarkBASIC, to create the base engine for a really simplistic game. I won't get into too muc...

SeedWorld (voxel world engine) update 2

One week later into my voxel engine, which I now call the SeedWorld engine, I am still facing a lot of technical issues but still made a lot of progress. I finally have a octave noise function that I am very satisfied with, in creating those very believable rolling hills you see a lot in procedural landscapes. Here is the breakdown of the current technica...

Game Development Cabin Fever

Winter hasn't even officially started in my hemisphere and I cant help but feel it never ended from last year. I'm not talking about being trapped by snow though. I'm dealing with a project. It won't shut up It, won't leave. I ask myself why it stays because surely talking to ones self is healthy. So far the voices in my head have provided logical rea...

CulDeVu vs Global Illumination

Hellooo there! Final exams are a humbling experience. During them, professors manage to hone in on every moment you ever felt stupid or unable to grasp a concept, and then make you relive it with a frightening 40% weighting. I'm particularly terrified of my university physics course, which is ironic, considering I've spent the last month or so making a n...

2015 here we come

Well, I was just about to submit Temple of the Abyssal Winds, chapters 1 and 2, to the iOS App Store. With the plan to release them for Windows as soon as they went live in the App Store. But then wiser minds (my wife) pointed out that we're going out of the country for 2 weeks soon, and submitting to the App Store and then being incommunicado for 2 weeks...

Screenshot Saturday 202

I've come to several realizations this week. Lemma is going to be good, but not great. I have to accept my limitations and finish the thing to the best of my ability. Lemma is more of an experience than a traditional video game. With these two ideas in mind, I am focusing the next few months on making Lemma the least frustrating, most enjoyable experie...

Minour updates – Fixed some sponza material issues

So I’m just going to show off some images of progression, actually its just a minor update as not much has changed, however my DOF is much better. And for some reason SSAO is bugged so its turned off. Also the sponza material file is bugged so I made a few changes. - I had a sign error in the DOF testing, now its fixed, and the DOF is based on the "Skylan...

Empires in Ruins - Title track OST - Red Dew Hellpipes

Hello guys, a short update while we struggle on the teaser trailer and on the GUI for the alpha version. We finally got us the game title track, recorded and mixed by the guys from Red Dew Hellpipes. This is gonna be mainly the trailer OST and the game intro (probably a bit too focusing to be used ingame, but the style of the OST will stick to this anywa...

AuroraRL - Gameplay video and English-version screenshots

Hello there. So, we've been working on an English version of the game for a while, and now we've got some of it done. All of the dialogs with your crew at the start of the game (and there is a lot of dialogs) have been translated. It may seem like it's not much, but, trust me, we are really working on that stuff because we want our game to be played by...

Fun with templates. "Fun." Ha, ha.

So I have an interesting situation where I wrote a math-intensive API to allow easy composition of various functions. The details are pretty easy so I'll just show an example of what the API usage looks like: formula.Create() .Set(0.0f) .AddWithWeight(some_data_source, 0.5f) .Multiply(other_data_source) .Display(); The API is mean...

Custom 2D Engine updates

Some Cool Updates: Time to show off a very initial stage tech demo for my "Custom Super Uber 1337 2D Game Engine" . I've successfully ported the engine to iOS, Android and HTML5 {download links below}. Everything appears to be working perfectly on all platforms, even the sound and filing system. This tech demo makes heavy use of Processes {cooperati...

Winding things up

Started experimenting with having the grapple rope wind around objects in the world, and got a bit carried away I think it is working okay, although hard to be sure. At the moment there is no way to unwind the rope, so a little hard to be sure it is catching every case. I'm just doing a raycast along the segment, then finding the closest edge point...

Revel Immortal Update 12/9

Wait what? An update that isn't one month apart? Indeed; things are moving faster; this weekend saw implementation of the Quests UI and the NPC Talk UI. Both extremely key to moving the project forward. http://edigames.com/shared/ss120914.png Next on the chopping block is to re-hook-up combat; with modifications per the new UI. And closely followin...

Roguelike - Download Build 055

Well I'll admit it, I haven't had much time at all for the project. Finally sat down a couple days ago and got working on it. Then one night while playing Path of Exile I got the urge to work on animating the combat in the game. I wanted to add more feeling to the players actions. Just a simple slide animation. Attacking would cause the attacker to quickl...

Making of Yard Scent

Hey. I am the author of a new JavaScript framework made for creating games in the browser (without using any 3rd party plugins). I have named it Scent It follows entity component approach and it's based on principles of composition over inheritance . I want to use this journal to describe a creation of showcase game I have decided to make for this purp...

Finding Missing References in Unity

While working with Untiy, missing references can occur for many different reasons. They are simply a broken "link" between objects and can result in the game not behaving correctly or even crash. I just posted a new article on my blog on how to find missing references in Unity: http://www.tallior.com/fixing-missing-references/ Check it out and let me k...

Sports Fiction Game Update 05/12/14

Sports Fiction Game Update 05/12/14 A number of game engine systems have been implemented in recent months. Some of these systems have been showcased in the latest development kit journal entry for the game. The clock system was created to monitor the performance of the engine, bringing to the attention of the user, any major concerns regarding the per...

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