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Developer Journals

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Sweet Snippets - More Text Rendering with DirectWrite/Direct2D and Direct3D11.

Previously we built ourselves a short little application that displayed some text over a triangle. Rendered using Direct3D11, DirectWrite and Direct2D. There were a few problems with the sample though, and so I've decided to do a followup which shows some changes which fix those issues. Introduction https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22861433/Screensh...
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Caveman 3.0 Beta 12 released!

Caveman 3.0 Beta 12 released! PLAY NOW! http://rocklandsoftware.net/beta.php Game info: http://rocklandsoftware.net/Caveman.php New for beta 12: --------------------------------------------- * refactored and improved AI * give orders to party members * sound effects * music * animations for actions details: * following band members now keep up duri...
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Reducing Unity game file size

Hello, I've been busy porting Twitchy Thrones to Unity. The game was originally programmed in Objective-C, using XCode and the Cocos2D framework. Cocos2D is a great framework but if you want to publish your game for iPhone, Android and PC you have to use C++ and Cocos2D-X. Setting up Cocos2D-X isn't trivial and using C++, of course, implies losing comfor...

The Meachnical Heart: Art Update

The Mechanical Heart Development Blog This Week I would like to share some of the art and the process we have gone through from the concept. Enemies Here are some concepts for the enemies in The Mechanical Heart. The Brief was pretty simple(ish) old, worn out, killer robots that are slightly amphomorphic. http://i.imgur.com/icUa3DR.png This R...

struct Game::PROFILE Implementation

// Posting just to say "hi" to all you coders out there. This is an old, shot from the hip bit of code. Nothing serious.// The idea behind it is probably obvious, so I won't explain the larger details. I don't like having the rarely used PROFILE values sitting around.// Those that should, could. The rest would have to go into a file or something if I'...

Roguelike - Dodge the Bullets

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas time. Just a quick entry to show another video. Basic AI makes the enemy monsters wanderer and shoot the player. The AI takes a coordinate used as an anchor to keep the creature in a specific area. Along with the range around the point that it's aloud to roam.

The AI of Pixel Space Horror

Background Pixel Space Horror (PSH) is a very streamlined strategy game: units can only move and attack. For movement, they have a fixed range they can move. Attacks are more varied – every unit has some special qualities when it attacks, such as whether attacks do explosion damage or whether they require line of sight. Being turn-based, the AI doesn’t...

Caveman 3.0 beta 13 released!

Caveman 3.0 beta 13 released! PLAY NOW! http://rocklandsoftware.net/beta.php Game info: http://rocklandsoftware.net/Caveman.php New for beta 13: ___________________________________________ * abandon current hut and take over this one: they will lose all dropped objects at the old hut! when hut is abandoned, instead of asking pla...

Thinking About the Graphical Assets.

Just a picture of a flower from this last fall, to look upon. And, ... back to the development talk. It has come to the point of needing graphics to start testing some of what I got. If you happen to know me, you would know that I'm no artist; even Colonel Klink could draw better doodles than I, lol. But, I do need some graphic assets for testing my proj...

Sweet Snippets - Rendering Text with DirectWrite/Direct2D and Direct3D11.

At one point there was a series called Sweet Snippets. I don't remember where, but I think it was in the C++ Magazine (when such a thing still existed). Anyways, this is not an attempt to resurrect that, however I feel that sometimes certain questions can be answered with a simple sweet snippet of code that demonstrates a simple concept in its entirety. T...

Untitled Escher Game Update

I’ve decided my “ untitled Escher game “, i.e. Zoop on a double logarithmic spiral, is going to be named “Draak”, which is the Dutch word for dragon. The title bears no relation to the game beyond the fact that I am going to use as its logo art based on the following novel tesselation of the plane that I discovered while fooling around with the tess...

Areum is now Volund - Choosing a new Project Name

"Areum" is not as Unique as we Hoped http://www.ifthensoftware.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/blog-image-2.png One of the biggest changes to Areum recently has been a new name. Choosing a name for a game is always a difficult process, and this one took us a couple of weeks. I consider us fortunate that it didn't take longer! First off, le...

Voxel world engine - Proceduralize all of the things!

Here's some more progress on the SeedWorld voxel engine. Last week has been mostly occupied with tweaking stuff- tweaking noise outputs, heightmap parameters, and color gradients. It's been a ton of trial and error to get a landscape that I was happy with, but I think I needed a new perspective in order to not burn myself out on it. I added some basic vo...

Starting my Journal

I'm restarting my journal...not like I had anything before restarting, I have released a game, I am continuing to work on a few other projects and I am searching for a job. Other than that I think the newest things are I am done my finals and life has been pretty plain haha. The game I released I have named "Bounce". It's a simple game idea I have been...

Update on Non-Euclidean physics

Oi there! Sorry, I haven't really been working on things as much as I have been the last couple months/weeks/things, on the non-euclidean game thingy. Finals are now over, and thus completes my first semester of college! In other, less important news, I just reached the 1000 rep point club! I got there with slightly dishonorable means, like grinding rep...

Geodesic Sphere Tessellation

A couple of weeks ago as I was browsing HackerNews, I stumbled onto an article about creating spherical procedural maps by Andy Gainey. Procedural terrain/map generation is always something I find interesting, having grown up slightly obsessed with Civilization and its successors. Various methods of tiling a sphere in order to make a game grid have been...

Data Design for Scene Graphs Pt.II

Last time around , I described current data layout of my primary scene graph class - the Entity3D. After some thought and further research into what direction I want to take the engine, I decided to make a few changes. Let's start with the printout of the current layout - after my recent changes:2> class Entity3D size(288):2> +---2> 0 |...

ECS II: Messaging

Last article: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1930/entry-2260476-ecs-i-entities-components-and-systems-basic-design/ Its been a while since I had time for programming, the new addon of WoW kept me busy for some time. But now I'm back and ready for action. This articles topic is messaging in my engines entity-component system. Why messaging: Remember fro...

WIP: Week 1 -- INI Files and Resources!

Hello! What I hope to accomplish are weekly updates about my engine build, and go over some of the things I've been working on lately. This first one will cover what I did today, but future ones will cover an entire weeks worth of work. Since last time I created an event system to tie my engine together, I began this weekend working on beginning my reso...

Screenshot Saturday 203

Big update this week! My voxel renderer now has the capability to overlay everything with any texture I want. I'm using it on a new set of interconnected winter levels. This way I don't have to manually come up with a frosty version of each texture. http://fat.gfycat.com/SaneNaturalBasenji.gif Without giving away too much, this week I built a new sys...

Magic Game Update - December 2014

The source of my stress stems from money issues. I had this idea that I would invest all of my savings in the stock market and then operate my business off of the interest of the investments. Great idea, in theory, but it assumes that your stocks are going to be worth more rather than less. In my case, I've lost a ton of money. That has changed how "relax...

Implementing the particle fountain effect

So, over the past week i have been busy implementing the first of many different particle effects for the game. A video of the particle effect can be found here on my YouTube channel . The whole of the game hinges around pretty (and rather deadly) particle effects, so this is an important part of the design. The first of these effects is a particle "fou...

Developing a small game with built-in level editor!

It has been a long time since I've posted anything in this journal, in fact I sort of forgot about its existence! Won't do that again. I'm not sure how many people are familiar with it, but I'm using App Game Kit from The Game Creators, the same company behind DarkBASIC, to create the base engine for a really simplistic game. I won't get into too muc...

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