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Developer Journals

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Fran Bow, post of mortem!

https://killmonday.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/tittlehead_small.png?w=660 Hello lovely gamers and developers! <3 I'm Natalia Figueroa, co-creator of Fran Bow and co-founder of Killmonday Games. The other half of Killmonday Games and co-creator, husband and best friend is Isak Martinsson. As you might already know, we released Fran Bow o...
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Shadow Mapping Part 4 Bilinear PCF

So I was off writing for a while but thanks to encouragements of my friend ND I'm back on. On this post I’m going to write about bilinear PCF and usage of Gaussian blur instead of normal PCF. Bilinear PCF I've been seeing people using D3D getting cool results using normal PCF (as they'd say it's normal), then later I found out about this function in...
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One Weird Trick to Write Better Code

Developers hate him! We'll cover some standard tips and tricks here, but we're not really interested in those. We're looking for the One Weird Trick to rule them all. Hopefully each trick we encounter brings us closer to coding Mecca. In the beginning The first video game I ever wrote was called Ninja Wars. http://etodd.io/assets/ninjawars.png Yes, t...

5 and 6 Cover Art

Got the cover art in for chapter's 5 and 6 of TotAW. Looks good! I should be able to get chapter 4 out soon. Here's chapter 5: http://uploads.gamedev5.net/gallery/album_495/gallery_98001_495_29825.jpg

September Update

We've been making rapid progress on the virtual reality game. I have enough finances to last for about 3-4 more months, then I'm going to be in some real trouble. That puts a lot of pressure on me to wrap this game up and get it out the door. I also don't want to ship a pile of garbage to players -- they deserve the best we can make. With that considerati...

KREEP, radioactive.

Hi everyone! Long time no see. It is, that time of the year, everyone gets sick, first my fiancée, than me, and shortly after my cat followed http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png . Still had some time to work on KREEP, but had no energy to prepare and post updates lately, sry. But, HUGE update this time http://public.gamedev...

Ragdoll - It begins... (with two edits and new vids since posting)

Following my last, rather angry, post about trying to get the Bullet constraints to work, I took a step back and breathed deeply for a while, then figured out where I was going wrong. In short, you have to provide two transforms to each constraint, but in 99% of cases (all of mine in the ragdoll sense) these are just the local equivalents of the same...

Hackman Day 9

So this was my last day of working on Hackman it only took me 2 more than I thought which is quite good I think. What I had not accounted for was how long it takes to track down sounds! I am not fully happy with the sounds but they work and that is good enough for what was just a sharpening up exercise. Bugs I found and destroyed were OpenAL was crashing...

I know it's been a while...

Hey everyone! Been super crazy with a stupid amount of real-world problems, but can finally get back to this http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Progress has hit a bit of a speed-bump, with the implementation of a new rotation system eating the camera for breakfast. *Kinda* fixed that, but still more work to be done to...

Snail Organs, Immune System, and Ageing

Organs! Immune systems! Old age! Dying from old age! I’m super excited. I was thinking: “How do I implement old age and death, and health in general? Is health just energy? When the snail is out of energy, it dies? But that seems too simplistic.” At this point I should have realized that ‘simplistic’ is a good thing. Instead I decided to try to mimic a...

Breaking the cycle

The Trouble With Tiles All of Epistory’s levels start as an isometric RPG in Tiled (as explained in this prior article ). This is a great foundation to build on - but it brings some technical limitations which we have to deal with. For example, we have to respect the TiledToUnity plugin rule that each tile must be a square of equal size. It doesn’t he...

Fluid Dynamics update

Oioioioioioioioioioioioi . I'm not really going to talk about much math-y stuff this time. I've covered too much ground since my last entry ( http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png ) to be able to remember all the pitfalls I ran into. So this time I'm only really going to be talking about the general algorithm, how I deal with...

Rewriting the AI Controller in C++

Hi everyone! So it's been a while since i last posted a blog entry. It has been an extremely busy time for me, tweaking and improving the performance and design of my game. I have finally moved on from using Blueprint for parts of my game to using C++, where i feel much more at home and it feels more like "proper" programming. Part of this has been the...

Goodbye chibi Brawl

So for a while there I thought that the project was saved. I was wrong. Of course I'm always wrong. Recently I've stumbled across something very similar to my project and you've probably heard of it. Lego Dimensions. Now let be clear they in no way took my idea, crossover games are a thing and a genre all their own. But their doing something so similar t...

Overland Map Refactor - Fleet Movement

Personal Update: I apologize for the delay in my weekly update. While the kiddo was spending the night at her grandmother's, she broke a glass which sliced her foot open. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png The cut was bad enough to need stitches, so we picked her up and took her to the emergency room. We were at the hosp...

Trimming Eclipse's Fat

Hi! In this entry I'll describe how I do my Eclipse installs, with only the stuff I need. Trimming Eclipse's Fat So the issue is the following: Eclipse is kinda fat. At least that's the general idea. . Now the issue is that it isn't precisely Eclipse which is fat, its mostly the prepackaged distributions Eclipse.org has for downloading, for example...


Been a bit buizy with school, but found enough time to make a system where the level is generated in a separate process. The idea is that I can use that later to pregenerate the next level while still playing the previous one. Unfortunately, I can't do much loading while the level is being generated since I don't know what type of objects will be on the m...

September update: the new mining interface

Here is the September developer log. This time I'm showing off the development of the mining interface over several versions. Even if the current interface version seems to be a logical way to approach the interface, lot of constraints and limitations often ensure, that you need lot of design attempts until you come up with a suitable solution. The real...

Fleet Movement

I've probably done a lot less than I would have liked to recently! But, I have just managed to change the way fleets work. Previously if a fleet had a connection it'd instantly take action with the star at the other end, regardless of where the fleet could be, in a kind of omnipotent way. Now, there is an actual little fleet that follows the route you set...

Pongout 0.83 WIP

Well, it's about time I posted some progress pics of the game I've been working on the past month or so. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Pongout is a crossover of breakout and pong, written in moonscript. It originally started as a test to see how Box2D will behave in a breakout game, and then suddenly the rest of th...

Character Editor is done

It was very simple to create since I had all the screens ready. I just separated three screens form the Level Editor (Image Editor, Part Editor and Object Editor) and packed them into a Character Editor. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-4m8heeZfoK8/Vgaud6R_6uI/AAAAAAAAALE/fb1SUQBwVDk/s640-Ic42/editor_screen07_sep2015.png Now you can create your own...

Working on the Quest Map

Lately I've been working on the quest map. The quest map will be accessible from a special kind of workbench, the Map Table, that you can construct as part of your base. Using the Map Table will bring up an interface showing the island map with various markers denoting quest locations. You'll be able to select a quest marker to embark on that quest, which...

Java - Getting The Path Of The Jar File

Whenever you are working with files in Java, sometimes you need to get the full path to the directory the .jar file is located in. Most of the time you can just use .String path = "./File_Name.txt"; // Note the "." before the "/" . when dealing with reading/writing/creating files and directories - HOWEVER for those times when that is not enough, you'll...

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