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Developer Journals

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Game Production Update: Jan - Mar 2015

A lot has been happening in the last few months and I've been procrastinating on writing this journal entry. Game Summary: The currently untitled PC game is a 4X turn based fantasy strategy game where you have to grow an empire by capturing nearby territories and competing against rival factions. You can hire wizards to lead your armies and capture terr...
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3/24 Crunch Crunch Crunch

Hello guys, Brian here again. It has been a bit but man have we been busy. We are fast approaching our (hopeful) launch date of 4/15. This means it is crunch time. The to do list is thankfully getting shorter and things are coming together nicely. What we have is looking more and more like a game and less like a fancy tech demo http://public.gamedev5.net/...
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Alien Star Menace Post-Mortem

Preamble Alien Star Menace is available now for iPhone & iPad on the Apple App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store . Background Alien Star Menace started with a simple goal (if you’re a dumb person) - make 7 small games in 7 days. There was some downtime at my day job, and I was itching to put another game out there; I hadn’t releas...

Release for android

Hey folks, i released a version for android, other plattforms will follow (iOS, windows phone, PS Vita). A short explanation: You are searching for a new challenge, you love puzzle games and you want to test your spatial-analytical appreciation? In that case ODMO is the right game for you! A lot of tricky levels are spread over different worlds. They...

Isometric balance

Much work later, I achieved a balance that can continue indefinitely, breaking my previous record of 79+ hours, this time without any adjustments or intervention. What does this mean? This means I have a self-stabilizing economic system. The natural mechanic of this is population control. As jobs are more plentiful, income rate goes up, and population inc...


Hello. I uploaded the 3 videos I currently have of the game development. The first one is the old terrain + paths test: - infinite terrain - terrain "patch" system to create craters - random tree placement (with the same system used to place craters) - paths for the red triangles The second one is the menu wit...


This one hurts. Negative review of TotAW: http://www.hookedgamers.com/pc/temple_of_the_abyssal_winds/review/article-1432.html I'm not going to lie, that hurts motivation a little bit. However, now is not the time for deep introspection. I need to crank out the remaining two and 1/2 chapters of TotAW. Once that's done, then it's time to think about the...

Enemys are a headache

First off I haven't had much time recently due to rl commitments but have been trying to do bits and bobs to this as much as possible. So I have added an enemy and they have given me nothing but a headache! From something so simple as trying to stop the roos from moving all the way to trying to get them to chase me correctly which still is not sorted. Fir...

Good update on internals, new levels peace of cake

Hi. Just a short update after some nice improvements last 3 to 4 days. I've designed and implemented my scenemanager and gamebase classes. Meaning I've got great flexibility now and adding now levels is now a peace of cake The whole design/ framework/ engine base is now set up really flexible. When making your 1st game with your own engine, you reali...

Texturing experiments

So, lately I've been getting back into working on Goblinson Crusoe. I've got the core working again (except for particle systems), but I've allowed myself to be sidetracked. In my previous journal entry, I mentioned how I was working on a terrain editor. Well, in the editor I implemented the terrain texture splatting described here . And that work got me...

The Mechanical Heart: Room Generation

http://uploads.gamedev5.net/gallery/album_894/gallery_209611_894_263612.png The Mechanical Heart Development Blog Sorry for the laps in journals lately I have recently (by recently I mean 4 months ago) acquired a job as a Mobile game Developer. In this Journal I will discuss the room generation system in The Mechanical Heart. We have already dis...

The Harvest: Farm System v1

It has been a busy month for us due to the conversion to Unity 5.0. Finally, we have some progress worth showing. Goss has been hard at work adding in the old systems and ensuring they are clean/tidy for the new Unity 5.0 setup. All of this has been rather time consuming as we have had to rethink how we might do some elements of the farming system, but al...

A billion chimneys and more CSG fun

The thing with architecture is that so much about it is up to whim and any procedural creation algorithm needs to be guided by a large amount of rules and grammars before it'll know how to churn out any remotely useable pieces of real-estate. I got to the point where I could generate objects similar to these: http://www.dynamique.nl/grow/pst/render024_sy...

CulDeVu vs game development

Oi thar e'rybody! So, I'm really bad at making video games. I really like making prototypes and exploring new and cool mechanics. These things don't go together very well. See, it's not that I loose motivation. I'd be more than happy to work on it if making any sort of artwork weren't such a gargantuan bottleneck. Artwork is one of those things that i...

Bummerman source code released, still an ongoing project

I have released my first open source game code to GitHub for my Bomberman clone, Bummerman. Here is the project link: Bummerman This game uses MonoGame 3.2 for the build, and the Lidgren network library. The solution is set up for a Windows/Windows 8 build- I'm not yet able to try to build it for Linux of Mac OS X. What started out as a small side proj...

Alien Star Menace is Out

My latest game was released! For both iOS and Android - I didn't intend to make an Android build, but it turned out to be way easier than I thought. Here are the relevant links: App Store Google Play Press Kit Feedback, comments, and ratings are welcome. I'll probably write up a post-mortem in a few days. Currently heads down on marketing. Here are...

Playing around with environment lighting mockups

I've been playing around in Paint Shop Pro to mockup different environment lightings. These are conceptual (they aren't in-game): http://puu.sh/gGSr4/c1948952f0.png This is stylistic practice for a certain scene I have in-mind that'll occur about a third of the way into the game. http://puu.sh/gGSsN/39680710d9.png The tree shadows are facing the w...

A quick update. march 19th 2015

While I wait for a build, I thought I'd do a quick update. Its been too long since I posted a progress report. I've been play testing the game a lot recently. About one game year so far with the same play test character (Grog). I've gotten perhaps half of the screenshots from that posted. Play testing revealed no major problems. A few things to tweak...

Image Recognition in Mobile Game Testing

Speaking of mobile game testing, it is a common misconception that manual testing is the only way to go forward. In many cases it is the first thing to start with, but to really get all issues spotted out and fixed before the game is published, test automation built into the process , hammering each and every regression and advancement can yield signifi...


Thought rather than posting random stream of conciousness updates about the Om scripting language, I'd try and post a bit more of a structured introduction to the syntax today. Will write some stuff up about the C++ API as an when it is more finished. Om is a dynamically typed language, in that each value carries its type around with it, and anything can...

LightWave - Phase 1 finished.

Today i'd like to talk about a new framework i've been working on. Honestly i expect myself to be the only person to ever reasonable use this framework, but it is a challenge that i one day hope will not only be beneficially to me, but to others as well. After about 2 months of work, i've finally finished the first phase, today i intend to write about the...

Screen Space Reflections ( SSR ) - CONTINUED ( Aka Improvements )

So I've been working on my screen space reflections (SSR) and have been trying to eliminate artifacts. The next step will be the somehow make it more physically, because currently I just base the strength of the reflection linearly on the roughness ( sorta ). Sponza Scene ( Yes, again ) ( Oh, and I decreased the intensity, although its configurable by th...

ASL: Geometry & Tessellation-Shader

Last entry: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1930/entry-2260794-acclimate-shading-language/ After a long time of not being productive again, I've finally come around to fully implement the current-gen API features to my engines shading language, now called "ASL" (acclimate shading language). One thing I noticed when learning geomentry, domain and hull shade...

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