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Developer Journals

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Suit Suit Go is out now for iOS and Android!

Just realized now I didn't even talk about this game here before. Suit Suit go is a puzzle/card game where you upgrade cards by making sequences. It was developed with Unity. It's free and our first game to be ad-supported. Please give it a try! iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/suit-suit-go/id1011220863?l=pt&ls=1&mt=8 Android: https://play...
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On Embedding General-Purpose Scripting Languages

I spend a lot of time thinking about programming languages. Most often it's from the perspective of a consumer, i.e. a programmer using Language X. Sometimes it's from the viewpoint of someone who wants to explore Language Y, either for fun or for practical usage. Occasionally I see languages from the vantage of a language creator. Recently, I've sunk a...
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Give me my sword, so i might smite thee!

Hi everyone, The game is now advancing at quite some pace as i find all sorts of things here and there to add, all of which are requirements for gameplay. The main one of these this week has been weapon equip facilities. The concept of carrying weapons and using them is fundamental to most role playing games. In The Seven Spells Of Destruction, you can...

Finite State Machines, Part 1

One of my favorite books on AI programming for games is Matt Buckland's Programming Game AI By Example . Many AI programming books lean more towards presenting topics and theories, leaving the dirty work of implementing the techniques and algorithms up to the reader. This book takes a very different tack, with each chapter featuring one or more fully impl...

Floating Combat Text - Asset Submitted To Unity Store - Plus how to host Unity package on Dropbox

Development Update: I finally submitted my first asset to the Unity Asset Store... Floating Combat Text by EckTech Games is now in the Pending Review status... And holy crap did that take forever! Deciding on good names, cleaning up the code, and reorganizing my code took its own chunk of time. But coming up with graphics, setting up a YouTube channel,...

Home made arms

So the problem with those wonderful detailed arms from MakeHuman is that they are impossible to rig using Charm, since it is designed as a low-polygon editor and hasn't (yet) got any support for fancy weight painting. Gave up and made a set of my own deliberately basic arms, so I can at least start working on the actual programming side of working with th...


From The Forth is a Tower Defense game to see the world by the end of this year, hopefully. This is my first serious solo project, so a couple of bicycles are going to be reinvented. Hope to update this journal at least weekly, with new screenshot and a list of improved\added features. Pains and joys of the process are to end up here too, as well as some...

Empyrios major milestone!

Wow getting this major build ready has been much more work than I had originally anticipated, but we're finally rounding the corner and checking off the majority of tasks for this milestone. Over the last month it seemed like there were a billion and one changes happening at exactly the same time, and it's all over the place... art, UX, code, design, writ...

Beta 21 w/ skinned meshes released!

Beta 21 w/ skinned meshes released! guys look kinda dumb, girls aren't that pretty, the guy walk ani is kinda awkward (leg bones rotated outwards too far), no action animations or drawing of equipment yet other than weapon in hand, but its a start! http://rocklandsoftware.net/beta.php action animations and drawing equipment is next. I'll clean up that...

Brutal Soul-Crashing Dream-Destroyer Feedback required.

Ok, I finally managed to put together a 6 level early build of The Most Poser Heroes. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-eolMx_jjUD8/Vbuo1BH2hRI/AAAAAAAAAJc/NBdhrcyJRcg/s599-Ic42/CHA245kWwAA22hB.png Please, I need brutally honest feedback. Yeah, the one that destroys your soul and dreams. Here is an old trailer, and here are gifs and screenshots....

Playing with OpenGL

I've done a lot of experiments in the last months. Tried a couple of prototypes for a 2d rpg in sfml, sketched some game design ideas, studied a bit of directx11 in opposition to my old love, opengl. Tried to learn something more in the shaders universe. Or just to understand a bit of them. I did not put anything of this in the journal, don't like to an...

KREEP, quantum testing.

Hi! A small update now, but planning to do a big one by the end of the week. This is just a warm-up for the new player character graphics http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png . As I have mentioned last time, we made a test play with my friends, but hastily I implemented teleporting before it http://public.gamedev5.net//pub...

Smart enemies and AI

Hi everyone, I have had some spare time to spend on getting the AI working in my game for enemies. Moving on from simple Chickens, which don't do anything much except walk around waiting to be killed, I have now moved on to getting smarter and meaner creatures to stalk you through the map and make the player's life more akward. I started out by obtainin...

Visual Studio template for cross-platform OpenGL development

<p>Today the Visual Studio team shipped a project template for <a href="https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/61b15204-e6ae-4f9a-a59a-b3d916e1bb3f ">cross-platform graphics development</a>.&nbsp; This uses the Visual Studio shared project mechanism to target the Windows Universal Platform, Android, and iOS, w...

The Week of Awesome III: A Prenatal

So, the competition draws nigh, less than two weeks hence! As suggested in the discussion thread, here are my thoughts, plans and feelings ahead of it... Preparations: Given that we're not to start coding until the official start of the competition, that the theme is being released only on the same day, and that I'm using a set of tools that I'm already...

Extra Credits - an online weekly video series about game design

Extra Credits - an online weekly video series about game design http://extra-credits.net/shows/extra-credits/

Adventurous Adventure

I'm currently attending yet another C64 game creation competition: Forum64.de's Adventure Competition 2015. I always wondered how the guys/gals at Lucasfilm Games managed to cram Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken onto a few small disks. So this competition was the perfect opportunity to test drive my ideas. How they did it Fortunately today the intern...

Shadow Mapping Part 3 CSMs

Finally after a week late, here is the post about CSMs (Cascaded Shadow Maps). Motivations It's obvious that the further objects get from the camera (the more the depth of objects), the less is their noticeable level of the details. Same applies to shadows, meaning the enough details of shadows needed to make the shadows look realistic, differs relati...

The Infocom Project: Trinity

Time to dip my toes back into the Infocom river. You can read the introduction to my attempt to play all of the Infocom games here: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/717/entry-2259971-the-infocom-project/ http://uploads.gamedev5.net/gallery/album_495/gallery_98001_495_274870.jpg This time I played Trinity, a game held up by many Infocom aficionados as the be...

From: Sol-Ark [WiP] New devlog (23/07/2015 CheckPoint)

Source: Sol-Ark [WiP] New devlog (23/07/2015 CheckPoint)

Advances in LPV, Volumetric Lighting and a new Engine Architecture

Welcome once again, and thanks for clickin on my journal! http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png When we think of light propagation volumes we think of awesomeness with a ton of light bleeding, right? Well I do, so I've been trying to limit the amount of light bleeding and I find the current result acceptable without bein...

SnailLife messaging system

"What's SnailLife", you say? Well I'm glad you asked! My snail simulation has gone through a couple of names...and even though I was never 100% happy with Gastropoda it was the best I could come up with - a name that was unique and didn't allow the project to sound too "gamey" (because it's not a game). All of the cooler names I could come up with weren't...

Game Engine Update - Bloom Post Process

Finally today I've added bloom - I know not every object has bloom in the real world. It bugs when when I'm playing a game and I see a shirt giving off bloom effect. Originally I was rendering normal scene and bloom scene to different render targets. Then I was applied the blur to bloom texture using a UI Bitmap Element. I figured it out it wasn't workin...

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