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Developer Journals

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Inverse Kinematics to the rescue.

I'm currently trying things to make the game easier on the new player, without sacrificing the original vision. Besides modifying the first levels, I have added a few control related improvements. Inverse kinematics: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Hnk9g3x91Uc/VWEM1jtU4XI/AAAAAAAAAGw/UfJ2pz_BEP0/w286-h225-no/iktest8.gif I slowed it down on purpose...
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BooH released, lessons learned and more

After about 4 months of hard work, today I've releashed my game; BooH. For the ones who read my earlier journal entries, it's been a heck of a ride http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/cool.png The final/ 1.0 release can be found here: http://www.crealysm.com/games/booh_setup.exe Since the 2nd beta build, I've made quite some cha...
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PPP - Pixel Perfect Picking - the Face Selection part

A previous blog entry discusses the concept of using a second render target to store mesh data during rendering as an approach for picking vertices and faces. That entry didn't go into any detail with regard to picking faces (triangles). Acknowledgement It should be known, and bears repeating from previous blogs, that the concept of pixel-perfect-pick...

What came first, the chicken or the egg: Implementing the loading screen

Another week, another feature! This week heralds the addition of a loading screen. Partly due to a thread here on gamedev.net i decided that perhaps now was the time to add one, as shown below. This actually turned out to be quite a challenge, due to the way i had designed my game. At the point where the a...


After finishing yesterday's post about generating images for user-combined substrate items I realized that I never really provided an explanation about how items work in general (or how they work for now, anyway). We have a few different item-associated models in Gastropoda. They are (model followed by associated table in parinetheses) ItemType (item_ty...

New Devlog (26/05/2015)

Source: Sol-Ark (2D Space RTS/Sandbox/Rogue-like) [WIP] Micromanagement

Fluffy Friday #1: Tile appearing

More on our IndieDB page Bite sized news for small stuff. Today: Tile appearing. http://media.indiedb.com/images/members/1/652/651585/profile/header.png Today I present you a new kind of post that we will try to do regularly. As an introduction I’ll simply say that we have a lot of small juicy stuff to show that would feel lost in a bigger articl...

Om Destructor Woes

Om Destructor Woes "Had I knowm, I would have been a watchmaker," is perhaps wrongly quoted to Einstein I believe on his discovery that E=MC2 meant the possibility of the atomic bomb. Well "Had I known, I would have never added destructors to Om" is my equivalent. Wow, it makes life difficult. So after the issues discussed last time, I decided to try t...

Compute shader for skinned mesh animation - D3D11

Preface I was raised and educated as an engineer. Not an engineer for a locomotive (though I would've loved to have been such in the days of steam), but, by education and experience, an engineer in the fields of nuclear, controls and instrumentation, and a brief career at Oak Ridge National Lab in the Computer and Instrumentation section. My father was...

Progression on prototype, and some gameplay.

Hello ! So, since the last time, I worked a lot on the prototyping. Not very interesting to detail again, and I already talked a lot about this in the previous entries. Now, I'm going to speak about the reflection I had on the gameplay. I think this part is very important, but very complicated to set up. So, I have to find an good settlement between an i...

Environment Simulation

It is time for an other developer log, this time in video form. In one of the previous videos I demonstrated the water simulation capabilities in Gnoblins and I have promised to talk about further simulation stuff. Being a dungeon building game, Gnoblins has a quite dynamic level layout and the water simulation doesn't make it easier leading to some inter...

Interview with 'SomeGuy' on our development of Static: Investigator Training

My wife and I give a detailed account of our FMV adventure game.

NLE: Unnamed Engine. Entry #3: Better late than never

I took this week studying a few things. Unfortunately that means that not much has been done; in fact I could paste what I've done here, if it wasn't in 10 different files! So, what have I been studying? Well, a few things really, each with their own link of goodies! First off, I found this wonderful "walkthrough" of the graphics pipeline, here . Pretty g...

Playing with terrains

The need I thought for a bit to a method to render tiled maps (terrains) in a way that seems less... well, less tiled actually. The brainstorming/idea First idea was to have smaller tiles and different images for each terrain type: so instead of having one grass image for grass terrain, have a dozen of grass images (with little color differences)...

Setting up Chocolate Wolfenstein 3D in Visual Studio 2013

For the past few weeks, I've been once again noodling on the idea of starting a .NET port of a classic Id FPS. As a kid on my first computer, an off-brand 486 with DOS, I just hit the tail end of the good old days of shareware. And amongst all the floppy disks of kiddy and educational software and sliming Gruzzles couldn't really hold a candle to explorin...

Binary shoes, concrete head!

Hitting walls again, but I've learned just to strap on my protective hat and charge though it... finally emerging on the other side unscathed but realising that the other side of the wall has more and more behind it! Time to buy a harder hat off Flamazon. Binary and SDL2 saves were confusing at first, but I've learned a lot about both char arrays and con...

Game Development Career Guide (PDF)

Found this awesome resource on all things gamedev: http://www.cs.northwestern.edu/~hunicke/pubs/gdmag_career_guide_feature.pdf

Automatically Generating Sprites for a Space Shooter

​ I'm writing yet another generic space shooter while learning WTL, DirectX, and modern graphics programming along the way. Today was spent writing a script to build SVG fragments into a texture atlas. Here's the result of today's work: Sample generated atlas generated from SVG fragments <!-- ?size=0 0 12 12 --><path d="m0 0v12h12v-12z...

6) Pause menu

Hello. I finally finished some very important real life stuff that I had to do: I couldn't work on this in the past two months, but now I can work on it, so yay! Anyway, I wanted to make a pause menu a long time ago but only yesterday I decided to start making it. Before this, pressing Esc would inmediately close the game, while pressing F2 opened up th...

Lights, Camera, Action

I saw this cool (and extensive!) article about where to point the camera, in games: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iNSQIyNpVGHeak6isbP6AHdHD50gs8MNXF1GCf08efg/pub The article is specific to side-scrollers (all the way back to the arcade "classic" Rally X from 1980), but I found the material to be pretty applicable to any game where the game contro...

draak update

Below is gameplay video of a prototype of the puzzle game “Draak” that I am working on. Draak will be an iPad-only iOS game; the prototype below is written to Windows in C# on top of MonoGame. http://youtu.be/HCnoXapHqKg The initial idea for this game was about the art. I thought it would be cool to make a game that looks like an animated ver...

The Arena Update

Introduction The Arena (YAAG) has turned a corner in development that I wanted to document for other developers who have started their own new project. The Beginning Every project I have started the beginning starts out quickly and things seem to build quickly. This stage is full of great ideas, new experiments, and a host of thinking how great this ga...

It's done!

It took nearly 5 years, $30,000, and most of my sanity, but the game is finally done! Check it out: lemmagame.com Look for a more in-depth postmortem... soon. It's 6:30am and I haven't slept yet.

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