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Event: Unity for Artists

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Added by Gaiiden, 14 Mar 2012

Taking place 07 Apr 2012 through 08 Apr 2012 (Ranged Event)


Unity for Artists - April 7-8, San Francisco (South Park Sandbox Suites)
Unity for Artists is a beginner level two day Unity development course intended for intermediate 2D and/or 3D graphic artists. Topics include: a breakdown of supported Unity file formats and best practices for preparing them prior to import, controlling assets and accessing their components within the Unity editor, known limitations with several asset conversion work-flows and a “thinking like a developer” breakdown of common production issues and ways to avoid them.

More Information

Duration: 2 days
Requirements: Experience creating 2D and/or 3D content in applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Maya as well as familiarity with file formats such as FBX, PSD and SVG.
Equipment: Laptop required or provided for a fee
Location: A location of your choice
  • Distinguish optimal tools and formats for content creation and accurately predict content behavior in engine.
  • Devise custom workflows for specific projects.

  • FBX pipeline
  • Animation: editor, @ method, FBX frame slicing
  • Animation scripting
  • Texture importing
  • Basic Unity shaders (diffuse, bumpmaps, specular maps, transparent)
  • Lightmapping
  • Lights
  • LODs
  • Materials and material import
  • Texture import and tiling
  • Art optimizations (shared materials and meshes)
  • UI Design
  • Terrain details and textures