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Looking for 2D designer/animator

by Toooo1

Time Left - 12 Days, 1 Hour

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Views - 2399

Time Left - 12 Days, 2 Hours

Featured Paid Position

Mid-Level and Senior Game Programmers

in Programmer by Employment Office

About GameloftYou have no doubt played our games, but who are we as a company?Gameloft are one of the world's leading mobile game developers, with some of the most popular games in the market, and over a million new games downloaded each and every...

Views - 502

Time Left - Expired

Paid Position

Need 2D Artist for Creatures (pokemon/digimon/neopets style)

in Artist by LatchGameDev

HiI'm developing a creature raising game and need art for the creatures. The art will be a 2D image portrait similar to what you'd see in the pokemon or neopets. 300x300 pixels or 500x500 pixels is the size i'm looking for. You would need to liste...

Views - 207

Time Left - 4 Days, 21 Hours

Professional trailers at Indie prices

in Art Production by ChrisCorr

Hello,We are www.trailersquad.com and I'd like to introduce you guys to our trailer creation services. We produce high quality trailers and cut-scenes for small to medium sized developers. And as you well know, marketing your game well is extremel...

Views - 288

Time Left - 5 Days, 15 Hours

Indie game composer, posting my portfolio

in Audio Production by Pixelfx

HEY People, I am a freelance composer. I can do basically any genre, and fxYou can have a free music demo for your game by sending me a frame of it! (Since theres a demand on it, and the priority is the effectived costumers, It will take in most c...

Views - 385

Time Left - 8 Days, 3 Hours

Paid Position

Heathen Engineering's Terran

in Contract Projects by lodendsg

Contact us on IndieDB or by email to JamesMcGhee@HeathenEngineering.comHeathen Engineering Ltd has been hard at work on Heathen Engineering's Terran a sandbox style single player game. This is an established project with 3 years of research, devel...

Views - 254

Time Left - Expired

"MAD SCIENCE GAMES" looking for animator

in Hobbyist Projects by Chris The DestroyeR

MAD SCIENCE GAMES is currently looking for an animator and/or someone with some sort of experience animating in UNITY/ Blender. please email if interested.

Views - 362

Time Left - 11 Days, 10 Hours

Johnny Reboot | 2.5D Sci-Fi Side-Scroller | Unity

in Hobbyist Projects by NightWolfStudio

Summery• Johnny Reboot• PC, Mac, Xbox One• 2.5D Sci-Fi Side-Scroller• Unity 5• Budgeted into Indiegogo, opportunity for full-time/part-time afterThe GameJohnny Reboot takes place in the fictional digital world of Xeno. Populated exclusively by a r...

Views - 327

Time Left - Expired

Programmers needed

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

The team:-Excelsion Studios LLC is a game development start-up dedicated towards creating unique and engaging games whilst growing and enhancing our abilities as developers! We are a humble group of semi-skilled programmers and artists who are bui...

Views - 176

Time Left - Expired

Need writers to post news and reviews for gamelust.com

in Hobbyist Projects by xsuicidesn0wmanx

I am looking to find a few good writers who have a passion for playing video games, and would be interested in trying their hand at game journalism. This would be on a strictly volunteer basis, and would not have any requirements. The site is open...

Views - 282

Time Left - Expired

Paid Position

REPTINATOR (formerly "Reptomom") wants YOU!

in Hobbyist Projects by ktastrophe

In the past as we know it, a major extinction event ended the race of animals known as dinosaurs. But in a future not our own, something has survived...REPTINATOR is a 2-D platformer being developed in MonoGame 3.x. Inspired by another "-nator" yo...

Views - 221

Time Left - 5 Hours, 57 Minutes

Dev Team LF Strong, Talented and Creative individuals.

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Greetings Forum members,My name is Ty and I am the project manager at Creative Game Tech. We are looking for Strong, Self-motivated and Team players to join our project. I have posted here in the past and had tremendous success. As we are growing...

Views - 182

Time Left - 20 Hours, 17 Minutes

Pixel Artist Available

in Hobbyist Projects by Oxin

Hi. I am a mature, experienced and passionate pixel artist.Before you contact me you should know:I will not copy another games or your old artists art style 100%. Just tell me the dimensions, that's all I need to know. I am not going to join a big...

Views - 143

Time Left - 1 Days, 14 Hours


in Hobbyist Projects by WindozeNT

OpenSmash is a free and open-source rewrite of Super Smash Bros in Unity3D, version 5. It is designed to be extremely customizable and is going to be deployed to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, with Wii and/or Wii U versions being made after if/when...

Views - 211

Time Left - 1 Days, 14 Hours

The Swedish Rhapsody

in Hobbyist Projects by WindozeNT

NOTE: THIS IS FREE AND OPEN-SOURCE SOFTWARE. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY FORM OF PAID WORK; AT THIS TIME, THE SWEDISH RHAPSODY IS STRICTLY UNPAID ONLY.The Swedish Rhapsody is a free and open-source (GPL v2) 3D first-person open-world adventure/puzzle...

Views - 204

Time Left - 2 Days, 20 Hours

[NEEDED] Testers For Our Upcoming 2D RPG Game Brevity

in Hobbyist Projects by Niva Game Studios

Niva Game Studios is looking for a few testers for our upcoming game brevity. This job is NOT PAID but we will highly appreciate your participation. Its also an easy and fun time killer.-What is Brevity?-Brevity is your classic 2D Adventure RPG ga...

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