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Views - 326

Time Left - Expired

Sky Marshal: Looking to Complete Our Team

in Hobbyist Projects by linternet

Sky Marshal is a competitive Strategy and Action game designed to be the next evolution in eSports featuring two major player roles (Marshals and Strategists), Ranked Matchmaking, Tournament Streaming and user generated customization. The game wil...

Views - 192

Time Left - 3 Days, 6 Hours

Composer Looking to Build Portfolio

in Audio Production by Kontinue

Dear Gamedev users,My name is Andy and I am from Heavy Duty Double Bagged Big Time Productions. The label's artist, Kontinue, has been hard at work building up his portfolio, and is looking to get involved in some projects. You can listen to Konti...

Views - 208

Time Left - 7 Days, 23 Hours

Free composer inside

in Audio Production by Alfred Moon

Hello!I just want to offer my services as a composer of soundtracks. Of course it's all absolutely free.My demo can be assessed here https://soundcloud.com/alfredmoonP.S. I'm want to note - i am not sound producer. Just composer! So there is just...

Views - 175

Time Left - Expired

A programmer is sought for a geometry application

in Hobbyist Projects by notedone

Probably is not the relevant place to post this but could not find a similar site. As the title says a programmer is sought for a development of a dynamic geometry application. There are many example software programs that can be found if one wish...

Views - 159

Time Left - Expired

Looking for 3D character/texture/rigging/animation artists

in Hobbyist Projects by eldwin11929

Looking for 3D character modelers/texturers/riggers/animators to join our group. Please email if interested.Game project here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320154534&searchtext=and here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/ba...

Views - 312

Time Left - Expired

Amateur sprite artist looking for a project / programmer

in Hobbyist Projects by BuFFo

I have 150 sprite sheets for environments from a failed 2d MMO I was on for 6 years that never finished. I'm looking for someone, or a team of someones, who would like to use both my talents and my existing assets for your project.My environment s...

Views - 328

Time Left - Expired

Last Man Interactive looking for People for The Survival Games.

in Hobbyist Projects by TobyCanCode

Hello my name is Tobias, I'm working as the lead programmer on a (currently) hobbyist project together with a group of people, we call our team Last Man Interactive. Our project is a online action first person multiplayer game with gameplay inspir...

Views - 233

Time Left - Expired

Searching Team for Strategy-Game

in Hobbyist Projects by ShynRou

The Project:It's a round-based strategy game (similar to X-COM). In which you control a group of survivors and guide them to survival and victory.In Battle-Mode you play a team of up to 5 members and fight against Kirari, Mants, Traitors, Bandits...

Views - 192

Time Left - 11 Days, 10 Hours

Concept Artist Wanted!

in Hobbyist Projects by ShawnGreer

Our next game is a 2D throwback to the old school SNES JRPG games, but with some modern elements thrown in. We're developing a very rich story that pulls heavily from Japanese settings and mythos.

Views - 274

Time Left - Expired

MMORPG developers, programmers and artists needed

in Hobbyist Projects by AnuragR

Hello my name is Anurag Rai, I'm working as the Project Manager on a (currently) hobbyist project together with a group of people, we call our team MMOHeaven Private Servers. We are working on developing an online action based MMORPG game Project...

Views - 311

Time Left - Expired

2D Top Down Retro RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by Dakrulan

Hello, thanks for clicking my advert link. I'm Dakrulan, the main programmer of the future group. I plan to program the game using the MonoGame framework, with the help of a few peole. At the moment I have some knowledge as a pixel artist, however...

Views - 310

Time Left - Expired

It's A Disaster! 8bit survival simulation

in Hobbyist Projects by WolfBeaumont

It's A Disaster! follows in the vein of games like 'The Escapists' & the silver age of Hollywood movies like 'The Towering Inferno' & 'The Poseidon Adventure'. Players must navigate through a disaster scenario and ultimately escape. Each l...

Views - 167

Time Left - Expired

Lead Artist Wanted

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

Greetings, We are Excelsion LLC, a registered indie game development studio. Due to us being a startup, we adhere to a revenue-sharing styled business outline. Nevertheless, we posses talented developers with enormous potential and a mature, profe...

Views - 177

Time Left - Expired

Animator and Rigger needed for our growing team.

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello Forum members,My name is Ty and my team is looking for more people to join our project . I have posted here before and our team is almost complete. Our team has been live for 1 month and we have been working hard and created awesome content...

Views - 237

Time Left - 1 Hour, 32 Minutes

Team Wanted For Non-Competitive Fighting Game Project

in Hobbyist Projects by BlueKoin

I'm working on a 2D fighting game that is meant to be very beginner-friendly. It's currently titled "Fighting Chance," as it's meant to give every player a fair chance at winning. I'm not particularly fond of that title, and I don't think it's a v...

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