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Fan developed Harry Potter video game

in Hobbyist Projects by clonetrooper530

Hello I' am looking for a few game designers and developers that will maintain their interest in making a fan made Harry Potter game. Please email me if you are truly interested. I will send more information in interested. coreyburrell97@yahoo.com...

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C++ Programmer available (looking for peer / team / project)

in Hobbyist Projects by Zanman777

Hi. I'm 25 years old, I have a job and I like programming. Especially game programming.Even though my field of work is unrelated to computers / technology, I've self-taught myself C++, a bit of Qt, a bit of SDL, a bit of OpenGL and some other thin...

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Lead Game Developer

in Programmer by tingtongapps

Ready for the biggest adventure of your life?Have you ever dreamt of coding the best mobile apps while sitting on some island in a tropical paradise and drinking papaya drink, served by the most beautiful girl in the world?Have you ever wanted to...

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Looking for People to form a Game Development Team

in Hobbyist Projects by Richard A.

Hi, Im looking to form a team of developers, designers, artists, etc. (Basically a game studio) My name is Richard, 19 years old, from the Philippines. Professionally, I work 6-7 hours a day as a Contract Website Developer (PHP / MySQL / WordPr...

Views - 369

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Pixel artist seeking programmer for simple 8-bit game

in Hobbyist Projects by EvanPearTree

I'm a pixel artist who's had experience doing graphics, music and sound effects for games in the past, but unfortunately, like most projects, they have never come to fruition. This was mainly because they were too ambitious for a team of two peopl...

Views - 401

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[Updated] team members for game development - Learning Project

in Hobbyist Projects by sarvsav

Hi Everyone,I am currently working on a game named Cyberbit. It's an open source and learning project.The game is currently based on linux based platform. If you are interested, kindly let me know.The project is learning based, if you are begginer...

Views - 206

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Molotov Games - Seeking Coders for PC/Mobile Game: Plunder!

in Hobbyist Projects by AudioOutlaw

Molotov Games is currently seeking programmer(s) to help create a brand new title. Plunder is a simple logic/casual game that is being built for the platforms of PC (Steam), iOS and iPad. We're needing a programmer or two that have that skills and...

Views - 306

Time Left - Expired

Molotov Games - Seeking Coders for PC Game: Dice & Deceit

in Hobbyist Projects by AudioOutlaw

Molotov Games is currently seeking programmer(s) to help create a brand new title. Codename Dice & Deceit is a take on the classic game Liar's Dice that takes place in one of our own created universes of Patriots that will be available on PC (...

Views - 291

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Looking for a team to build an rpg game engine in Java

in Hobbyist Projects by Golbez22

We're a small 6 man team looking for Java programmers to help code an engine for a Sandbox RPG Roguelike. The game is going to look Retro, hence the working title A Really Retro Game, but the mechanics will be done in such a way that has never rea...

Views - 163

Time Left - Expired

Need UI Animator for Famous Youtube Personality

in Hobbyist Projects by CFrac

Youtube personality, Hibiscus Moon has nearly 15,000 subscribers and a very pure and active community surrounding her Youtube Channel.Don't know who she is? Check out the video below!Here is a quick document regarding the application and it's func...

Views - 548

Time Left - Expired

GlPortal action game extending team

in Hobbyist Projects by glportal

Thank you for the applications. Please provide references if possible.I am glad to be able to announce that coming Juli we will fill two new programmer positions.We are very busy with the 0.0.8 release which will introduce some great changes to th...

Views - 228

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Facility Audio Music "To original & beyond!"

in Audio Production by MattWilliams@FacilityAudio

Matt Williams and Facility Audio are available to work on all manner of projects. Passionate about writing and very keen to meet aspiring developers. Even if you don't have a project on the go at the moment, we want to hear from you and find out m...

Views - 180

Time Left - Expired

Artist wanted for atmospheric action/arcade platformer!

in Hobbyist Projects by chrisblablub

We are currently developing One Watcher, an ambitous action/arcade platformer coming this year and we are searching for 2D / 3D artists!The game is rather near to completion, but we need some help with the art design to underline the game's atmosp...

Views - 208

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Enhance your Environments with Engaging Sound

in Audio Production by orenj

Interesting music for interesting games. You just gotta listen to what I've been doing recently. This is for a casual puzzle game called Stone Shooter of the Jurassic https://soundcloud.com/orenj/gluten-freeI composed 5 pieces for specific environ...

Views - 223

Time Left - Expired

Pixel/Anime style artists wanted for mid-sized indie project

in Hobbyist Projects by sethhope

Currently under development is "Contega," a story of a fantasy world after a massive god-tier war. Our goal is to create a beautiful, flowingenvironment that feels natural to a player. The world will be MASSIVE, coming in at around 200km in each d...

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